Blackhawks Down | Toyota Game Recap 1/28/2022

The Colorado Avalanche defeat the Chicago Blackhawks 6-4 in Chicago to complete their regular season series 4-0. The Avalanche have obtained their 14th win in January with one game remaining at home.

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Blackhawks Down | Toyota Game Recap 1/28/2022

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11 thoughts on “Blackhawks Down | Toyota Game Recap 1/28/2022”

  1. I screamed in pure joy when Makar scored that empty netter! Happy birthday Alex Newhook! I hope he had a great birthday!🎂

  2. Harder than it had to be still concerned about de sometimes but we still winning but man hopefully guys get healthy!!!

  3. I love sitting 7 rows up and watching them win this one! What a game especially in those 98 seconds. But I'm glad I didn't have to hear that annoying goal song when rewatching this. I makes my ears bleed.


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