Bitcoin Worst-Case Scenario

We put out a video in May 2021 talking about a worst-case scenario. I would not say count on the worst-case scenario to play, but also be prepared for it. In this video, we talk again about what are some likely possibilities for a worst-case scenario for #Bitcoin.

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Disclaimer: The information presented within this video is NOT financial advice.

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29 thoughts on “Bitcoin Worst-Case Scenario”

  1. Right now historical indicators are absolutely useless, with governments worldwide cracking down on crypto, banning it and/org submitting exchanges and users to extreme regulation and scrutiny.

  2. What I don't understand is that it is so unpredictable. Like it's living organism. Is it sentiment or institutions manipulating the lot?

  3. During the last couple of months all of ya utube scammers who call youselves crypto gods,have educated poor people that bitcoin is gonna go to 20 thousands and whole world are expecting 20Ts,so the 20T levels will never happen.
    Bitcoin is going up rapidly and the its pumping by the 9 people who own nearly all bitcoins

  4. Missed my sell the peak trade in 2021 convinced by lengthening cycle theory. In reflection I think I was greedy hoping for the bull run to continue tbh.
    Looks like we need to wait till 2025 for the next all time high.
    HODLing since 2017 and seen a lot of crypto YouTubers come and go especially in 2018.
    I hope Ben hangs in there as his analysis will be even more valuable through the bear market.
    Bull runs make you money but timing a bear market makes you rich.

  5. Your videos are more honest have more of a realistic and conservative market perspective compared to most youtubers. Thanks for the great content and analysis as always.

  6. Whenever the bull market structure is broken all of us should pray for lower prices
    Forget your portfolio for now and think about next bull market and wish it goes cheaper to buy more

  7. Appreciate your content. I like how you are honest about what is happening. I also think DCA is the way to go here.

  8. if the S&P500 keeps tanking, which is very likely because economy is grinding with cargo ships not being allowed to enter ports, then we may see very apocalyptic drops

  9. • Warning: Ben does not use WhatsApp.
    • Anyone posting a Phone# is a scammer.
    • Report all ‘WhatsApp & TGram’ scams!

  10. So many people wish they had bought in March 2020. If Bitcoin goes down to 20k, I would see this as an opportunity almost as good as the pandemic crash in the long term. However, most peope will completly freak out then and call for the end of the cryptospace. Only to wish they had bought, when we are back up again, whenever this will be.


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