BEST-OF Honda Civic Sound Compilation 2020!


A monthly series. This one based on the Honda Civic. All clips filmed by me, subscribe for more.
Each month I will upload a video, of about 10 minutes long, showcasing a particular make or model of car. This month I’m celebrating the Honda Civic, including generations such as the EK, FD and EP, and models such as the Type-R, Jordan and Wagon. Just wait until Vtec finally kicks in. A part 2 of 2017’s smash hit!

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49 thoughts on “BEST-OF Honda Civic Sound Compilation 2020!”

  1. A third of these sound pretty decent, another third sound like actual rally and race cars… The other third sounds like somebody outside blowing leaves off the front lawn.

    I'm surprised there were little to none that sounded like wet farts.

  2. my grandpa hat a 1972 civic. wen i got my licence he gave me hes car. 25years later i still own the car as 2e owner and 100% originel.


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