Best Combat Optic- Holo vs. Red Dot vs. Prism | Tactical Rifleman

Best Optic?
Honestly, I like all three. Between Red Dots and Holographics; I have always ran Holosights because of the wider field of view and less parallax. However, now that I’m retired and not going out on ops every night overseas; the shake-awake feature of many of the new red dots is awesome for a closet rifle or truck gun. Then, there is always the fact that my “perfect eyesight” is gone with age and I have astigmatism that is fixed best with a prism.

All three types are great. All have strong points. You decide what is best for you. Thanks for watching, TR.

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33 thoughts on “Best Combat Optic- Holo vs. Red Dot vs. Prism | Tactical Rifleman”

  1. EOTEC=No forward light signature. If it matters in your POU
    That said….for home defense, fun, and range use just pick one…it's all good.
    The best thing is to just have one ( Modern Optical Sight) , use it, know it.
    I have many newer MOS models, brands, and redicals…..been rocking a EOTEC 516 A65 the longest of them all….it's a tank!

  2. As a new shooter to the new age and only ever used old iron sites this is confusing. Main issue is my eyes on site iron site I have to use reading glasses which means I cannot see what is past the barrel of the pistol or rifle… or deal with blurry general vicinity shooting which I can adapt to and hit bigger targets but its no fun and a bit stressful. I have SBR BCM with 11.5 inch barrel I am building but have not shot it yet and it has no sites on it currently 🙁 Its meant mainly as a home defense weapon as well as hobby for the range for enjoyment. I am going to mount a suppressor on it as well. I need to figure out a light for it and the optics. just very frustrating. I want to be able to acquire a target quickly with practice but when I see small openings on optics I get nervous but that may just be ignorance on my part as I keep thinking having to take the moment to look down scope like mount may be time I don't have if in emergency. Then I worry wonder if I had to use it to bring down game for food would that screw me over there. However, the primary purpose for this needs to be defense primarily for defense. going to try to look more into these and keep looking through videos but its overwhelming as I don't want to just waste money on something that wont work at all with my eyes or puts me in same situation as iron sites. uggg

  3. It would have been a good idea to look at the 5 shot groups store you curved your neck and fired more, those rifles don’t group well having free float rails.

  4. I feel like the sig was my favorite but honestly I was very impressed with that prism I thought being that small would make it harder to use

  5. I was going with the ACSS Microprism in green as soon as it is back in stock. However, a post below got me thinking about clarity and depth perception. Note: my mission is a 300 HAM'R carbine for E. TX hog hunting at about 50-125 yards.

  6. I shoot hundreds of rounds twice a week so I change my batteries every 6 months regardless how long it lasts. Routine maintenance.

  7. Karl: "What do we take away from this?"
    Me: "Those are all some really good groups!"
    Karl: "I'm terrible at groups at 50m"
    Me: "…oh. Well I really suck then.

  8. Great stuff. I have a Vortex holographic one of my firearms, and tried an Eotech on the Sig Rattler (HD/2GC). Just a few ounces more than the Primary Arms, but it's a factor on such a small rif- err, pistol. With astigmatism, the Aimpoint isn't a good option any more.
    The eye relief is the single biggest "issue" for me with the Primary Arms SLX Gen2 1x, but that's what cantilever mounts are for.

  9. I love the new PA Cyclops gen2 with ACSS. It also has shake awake and is offered in green. So Quick with that reticle, Once it's in the doughnut it dead. Great vid.

  10. Great vid! I'm a fan of Primary Arms optics with the ACSS recticle, have the og Cyclops 1 on my AK and love it. I might wind up going with the newer Micro Prism myself, thanks!

  11. Thanks for the run down. I have all 3 although the prism is a 2.5x.
    The one drawback to the prism is you can see the red horseshoe from the other side which could give away your position in a dark room. I'm assuming the newer prisms still do this.

  12. Good comparison and all are deadly shots at 50 meters.
    Like many of the comments here, I am also older in age and I went to a red dot that I got a deal on.
    A strong wind picked my firearm up and dropped that red dot on the ground. I then researched here on YouTube and found that people dropped a lot of their firearms and that batteries are pain in the butt to find.
    Eotech 552 (AA batteries) was my answer.

  13. My last deployment I used my own EoTec with a magnifier from EoTec and swapped out Lithium batteries out weekly as a PCC. 😉 It gave me good use to mid range and close with the ability to scan areas with it detached and could mount PVS-14 on rifle too.
    Damn how time flies by.

  14. Here in canada, unless you are in the army or in a swat. You are only allowed to shoot at the shooting range. Shooting outside a shooting range is usually illegal, if we get caught doing it we can loose our firearm license , arrested and go to jail. Ofcourse at the shooting range you can't walk, or move around shooting. You can only shoot while standing still. So i find it useles to use red dot or any tact optics. I just put hunting scope so atleast i can see my grouping from a far. You guys living in the state are dam lucky.


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