AWD Acura RSX Conversion – Bolt on AWD Setup using Factory Honda Parts! (Turbo K-series)

The AWD conversion on our 2004 Acura RSX is almost complete!! Next episode we’ll wrap up the conversion and see what this AWD is all about!

Parts used:
02-04 AWD CRV k-series Trans w/transfer case
02-04 CRV Front subframe
89-91 Civic wagon rt4wd driveshaft, viscous, rear diff
2 long wagon axles (driveshaft shop)
1310 u-joints
CRV trailing arms/knuckle hub assembly
K-tuned RSX spherical LCA
hub city performance rear diff mount kit
Crv rear brakes/caliper brackets with RSX calipers


28 thoughts on “AWD Acura RSX Conversion – Bolt on AWD Setup using Factory Honda Parts! (Turbo K-series)”

  1. That rear diff looks VEEEERY fragile even for launching in street racing using decent amount of the torque to the rear axle. Probably would explode over 200nm, or you would have to build a project "awd" which will launch pretty much as an.. FWD car 😂

  2. Not a Honda fan at all… however I'm secure enough in my Toyota loyalty to say Honda does make excellent vehicles. Probably 2nd best in the world 😅 but this conversion is so cool and such a clean, professional build. Excellent work, top notch in every way and I'll bet this car is such a blast to drive with AWD.

  3. I’d really like to know how this is considered bolt on when fabricators are having to chop and weld on the whole damn car. This is not bolt on

  4. I love when people say this is a simple upgrade it definitely is not lol and I mostly talking about the people I know who they say it's easy to do but somehow their car is down for 6 months 😂

  5. I'm a diehard gm guy, and loved everything about this build. Always loved rsx and the components and knowledge to make all this work is impressive


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