[AUT] How To Actually Get SOL + Showcase

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44 thoughts on “[AUT] How To Actually Get SOL + Showcase”

  1. Basically have the Tales Of Universe in your inventory when you say yes to the cosmos. Don’t equip the Tales like how I did the first time in the video. Just have it in your inventory

  2. did i do somethng wrong i got cosmos quest from defeatin dio and i completed it but never got it
    ive spend 1 hour on it 🙁

  3. So no, it’s not jus kill dio. After doing the quest (which you did) you need to kill dio once more after with tales in your inventory, you then get soul.

  4. Do m1 x3 and do the f then m1 x3 then do the t then teleport to them by pressing v and rolling by pressing c then do e
    Edit: that is the combo for sol it deals a lot of damage because I tested it with my friends


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