Altcoin of the Week: Fantom (FTM) Analysis

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Let’s talk briefly about Fantom (FTM) and why I think it has the potential to grow to a much higher valuation that it’s currently at.

*Not financial advice.


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31 thoughts on “Altcoin of the Week: Fantom (FTM) Analysis”

  1. Thanks for all this quality information, very underrated channel, you should have much more subscribers
    Greetings from Mexico

  2. Altcoin of the week seems good. I would recommend always including whether or not you hold any, for transparency's sake.

  3. It is interesting that one of your favourite coins is Nano and currently it has sled below Fantom yet you don't expect Nano to 10x from here (based on your recent video on Nano) but you expect Fantom to….

  4. FTM 有真技术 助力实业发展,在中东很多国家采用的 很看好,今年ftm到达100$ about 2021.12

  5. Love weekly review. MANA review would be great as I’m struggling to understand how virtual world is valued

  6. Fantom is very undervalued.Low fees,interoperability and fastest crypto(ultra-fast).This coin is gonna make people who get in early millionaires.This is a gem of a coin.

  7. Amazing channel! I think you give a very objective view of things unlike all the other losers out there. 😀

  8. This video was gold. I spend only 500 USD on fantom and it already quintupled. This doesnt make me rich or anything, but your video is still much appreciated. Love your Altcoin reviews.

    Also I learned a lot from your technical analysis, very helpful videos overall.


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