All New Toyota Yaris Cross Small SUV 2021 | Toyota Rolls Out All-New Yaris Cross Compact SUV

All New Toyota Yaris Cross Small SUV 2021 | Toyota Rolls Out All-New Yaris Cross Compact SUV

Exterior Design
Based on the concept of “robust and minimalist”, “Energetic Smart” is the keyword used to describe the all-new design of the Yaris Cross. Toyota pursues a design that is smart and energetic, and has a proportion that is beautifully well-balanced.
The front end presents a fearless impression, owing to a clear, three-dimensional structure with the central front, lower front and fender providing a strong finish.
The side is reminiscent of unwavering driving performance reflecting the dynamism given to the horizontal line of the upper body from the front to the rear combination lamps. The unique character line, which flows from the rear door to the front of the cabin, emphasizes the spaciousness of the cabin.
The vehicle rear, with its square-shaped central portion and large back door opening, accentuates its high functionality. The fender, with a generous overhang, also expresses powerful robustness, in the same way as the front.

Interior Design
Expresses robustness by emphasizing the vertical line from the central console to the display audio (DA).
The seating, steering, and shift lever among other features are optimally positioned. The TFT color LCD multi-information display offers excellent visibility, and the high positioning of the meter and Display Audio (DA) and adoption of the Head Up Display (HUD) minimizes the driver’s eye movements, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving (“Eyes on the Road” concept).
Soft padding, made from slush molding, is used at the top of the instrument panel. In addition, a new felt material is extensively used for the door trim.

Spacious, easy-to-use luggage room with a height unique to an SUV
When lowering the deck board, there is a luggage capacity of 390 L*5, which is top-class among compact SUVs. The luggage room can store*6 two suitcases (110 L) or two golf bags (9.5 inches). The luggage room boasts both height and width, making it conducive for storing a variety of luggage.
This is the first compact SUV by Toyota to utilize the 40/20/40 split rear seat and the 60/40 split adjustable deck board. To keep the luggage from moving around, there is a combination of a utility hook and flex belt, making it possible to diversely arrange the luggage in the deck, and support an active lifestyle.

Offering a highly dimensional vehicle that is both an easy-to-handle compact car and a robust SUV offering driving performance that exceeds its class. 4WD model is also available
As with the Yaris, Toyota employed the TNGA platform (GA-B) for compact cars as a fundamental component. This is to pursue lightweight and high rigidity with a low center of gravity. In combination with a revamped suspension, Yaris Cross achieves both agile handling and a high-quality ride characteristic of the Yaris series. It also delivers driving performance beyond its class by being both Confident and Natural (the vehicle remains stable while driving, yet responds naturally to the driver’s intentions).
Yaris Cross comes with a 4WD system to respond to various types of road surface conditions. The gasoline-powered model is equipped with functions that make the SUV ride satisfying. The HEV model is the first Toyota compact SUV to have an E-Four (electric four-wheel-drive system), ensuring safety, even when driving over snowy roads.
The Yaris Cross is also loaded with the ‘Multi-terrain Select’ function (gasoline-powered 4WD model/first for a Toyota compact SUV) which allows the driver to choose from three driver assist modes depending on road surface conditions that contribute to an improvement in performance off-road and on slippery roads.
There is also a SNOW mode to contribute to smooth acceleration on slippery roads, including snowy roads, by controlling the torque. A TRAIL mode offers more traction by allocating an adequate drive torque to each tire in contact with a bad road surface (E-Four vehicle; first for a Toyota compact SUV).
The car’s downhill assistance control contributes to maintaining a steady low vehicle speed and stable cruising when traveling downhill (Gasoline-powered 4WD model and E-Four model; first for a compact Toyota SUV).
The car is equipped with a new-generation hybrid electric vehicle system which uses a 1.5-liter inline three-cylinder Dynamic Force Engine based on the TNGA philosophy. In addition to powerful, seamless driving, it achieves world-class, superior fuel economy for its class (2WD, 30.8 km/L in WLTC mode) that surpasses what is the typical performance of an SUV.



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