All-New 2023 Toyota Sequoia: Off-Road Ready?

We get a first look at the all-new 2023 Toyota Sequoia. Can this full-size three-row replace the Land Cruiser in North America? Exactly what do you get in terms of off-road features? We talk to Toyota to get all the details!

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45 thoughts on “All-New 2023 Toyota Sequoia: Off-Road Ready?”

  1. The first generation sucks gas like crazy that’s why i didn’t buy one. I will definitely buy this one for sure when it comes out.

  2. Nice update. With the industry moving towards smaller more efficient vehicles in all classes it is still a dinosaur in some respect. For people who really need it looks like a winner

  3. اول ماشفت السياره كنت ماعرف ان السكويا الجديدة انزلت بس اول ماشفتها قلت وش ذي السياره اللي بتقفل ملف اللكزس من الجمال هههههههههههه

  4. I wonder if Toyota is going to start the trend like jeep does having a Trailhawk like version accross their line up. That would be nice.

  5. I feel lucky to own a Land Cruiser, not because that they don't make them anymore but simply because you can't compare it to anything else, many might say it's a gas guzzler, yes it is..but when you buy a Land Cruiser you're not worried about mpg..

  6. So the back row wont fold flat? Don’t most 3 row vehicles around this size have a flat folding third row? Don’t really like that i need to add a shelf in and lose out on a foot or so of height

  7. I hate the design of infotainment systems. The display is always so alien. It's like everything is made into a cohesive package then they just stick a tablet screen in your face

  8. Let’s be honest, street tires on big rims it’s going to sink like a rock in the mud, won’t climb shit. Anything new is a piece of crap compared to there older models. I challenge that junk against the 1st gen and 2nd gen that lifted minivan ain’t got s$&#!

  9. Is it just me or does that huge gaping grille sit too low to the ground for an off roader? We're going to need more factory tuned ground clearance than that.

  10. As a Toyota Fan.. honestly i dont like the design
    Its cramped in space and appearance is more like crossover

  11. God Damn, i can't get over how freaking badly designed the third row seats are when down. WTF were they thinking? What do many SUV owners have? Dogs! What cant you put in this new Sequoia very well, dogs! Stupid design! Besides that, what's the lift over height for loading luggage on top of those stupid seats?

  12. Can anyone provide a ground clearance for this vehicle? I cannot find it anywhere…it is smelling in the 8.9 to 9.0" range…

  13. Listening to Craig Herring speak says it all. No wonder there are no recovery hooks, no full-time 4WD like the previous gen Sequoia and the LC300 and LX600, or why the 3rd row is now useless, and the cargo space is less than the previous gen. But, I guess you get a 14 inch screen, maybe when the metaverse is full-up, you can just live in your virtual world and pretend that you have all the things that are missing…

  14. Whats the max speed for 4wd high? As someone who drives on the highway in snowy conditions I prefer the full time awd ability.

  15. The new 4Runner literally just needs to be a smaller version of this. Only thing I'd be worried about is the MSRP price increase.

  16. Toyota is the most successful cars 🚗 manufacturer in the 🌎 world totally took over African Market And Asian Middle East Plus Central Asian, love ❤ Hilux

  17. Unlike the LANDCRUISER and the LEXUS LX 600 the new sequoia does NOT come with K.D.S.S.

    *KDSS is a hydraulic filled dynamic suspension system that makes a 6000 Ton truck corner like a Porsche 911 at 90mph. That is what separates LANDCRUISER from the rest of the pack.

    GX470 and SOME 4RUNNER TRD come equipped with KDSS.


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