Ada Ehi – Now (The Official Video)

Ada Ehi performs NOW off the new album BORN OF GOD.

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Ada Ehi performs NOW off the new album BORN OF GOD released 18th December 2020.

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35 thoughts on “Ada Ehi – Now (The Official Video)”

  1. I will get married next year to the best God fearing and loving husband, I will fulfill my purpose in live, I will have healthy babies who will grow in God's hands, I am healthy, wealthy and a child of God! I receive!

  2. Just imagine I only can dream of seeing ada I am way back in the Caribbean(Guyana) in the middle of nowhere anyways love you ada you are always the person I look up to keep it going mama

  3. I’m just 14 but I know my time to shine is near.This is because since when I was born,my dream was to become a gospel musician and I know God will accompany me to the journey.

  4. Time is Now and in this year 2022 l harvest everything l had planted.I shall walk and experience the evidences of God.Its my time to raise and shine brighter 🌟.God said when time Is right l will make it happen and this is time now to make it happen in Jesus name πŸ™. Thank God for starting to do a new thing in my life and the life of my friends in Jesus name πŸ™ l love you Lord Jesus Christ.

  5. For the lord has spoken once ,we heard him twice πŸ™ πŸ™Œ ..All the power and the glory belongs to him πŸ™Œ πŸ™

  6. It's a new beginning for me I know the time is now in the name of Jesus Christ.have sinned but he has forgiven me because the time is now hallelujah hallelujah


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