Abandoned cat grows 2 lb of dreadlocks; Pittbull got its throat slit for killing poodle – 12/28/2016

1. A cat who’d been neglected by her owner with Alzheimer’s disease was found with fur matted so badly it had become dreadlocks.

2. A pet owner was arrested on animal cruelty charges for killing a pit bull that mauled his dog to death over the weekend.

3. A teenager from Florida fell to his death on Wednesday after attempting to sled down a snow-covered waterslide at a Wisconsin theme park.

4. Yet another star has gone out in the sky during the waning moments of 2016. Actress Carrie Fisher, famous for her iconic portrayal of Princess Leia in the Star Wars universe has passed away at the age of 60.

5. Dutch engineering company Ortega Submersibles has developed an underwater vehicle that can ferry divers to depths of 95 meters — more than twice a deep as most recreational divers can swim.

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29 thoughts on “Abandoned cat grows 2 lb of dreadlocks; Pittbull got its throat slit for killing poodle – 12/28/2016”

  1. I honestly have a pitbull at my house. he is very nice and not violent at all. I don't understand why people look at pitbulls as violent creatures. it depends on the dogmaster. pitbulls lives matter too

  2. OK why are people so against pit bulls pitbulls are amazing dogs they're lovely and sweet they are the most amazing dog ever a dog is a dog all dogs are the same and people who hate pitbulls should know that pitbulls are loving animals people always think pitbulls are evil and aggressive if you look on Google and say pitbulls the first thing that will show up as pit bulls attacking aggressive pitbulls it's just dumb I love pitbulls and I badly want one people who see pitbulls right away gets scared I love pitbulls if you love pitbulls you're a good person it's how the owners train the dog any dog could be very aggressive

  3. The pit bull that got killed should just get trained better or be put to sleep not get murdered a horrible way that's a horrible way to die that man is a sicko and should go to hell for killing a dog what a fucking sick person

  4. That man deserves to be killed it was his fault for letting his poodle out I love all animals why would he kill it someone who kills another person doesn't get to be killed it's unfair, why do humans get treated better then animals? I know the pit bull would have been euthanised but at least then the pit bull wouldn't have suffered😭😭

  5. it's not the dogs fault, it's in their nature. they should've put the dog down not slit his throat. that man deserves the same


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