$600 SOL IN 30 DAYS! HUGE PUMP incoming as Solana Chart Shows Most Important Signal

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Good Morning E.T Fam! Hopefully, your weekend has gotten off to a great start. Krown is here to give us our weekend dose of TA. He’s diving into another favorite #altcoin of this bull run. The coin that is being talked about today is *drumroll please*……#Solana! We’ve all witnessed the tremendous growth $SOL has achieved over the past few months.

We need to know if this momentum will continue, or if it was fun while it lasted. We also need to know when we can expect the party to kick off again if it is indeed the case. Prepare to be informed about all of that and more. This is where Krown shines with his expert analysis. If you enjoyed the Cardano chart breakdown yesterday, then you’re going to love this video as well.

Krown also gives us a brief update on #Bitcoin. Be sure to stay in the know by watching Krown every morning. This should be your new daily habit. Also, if it’s not too much trouble, please show your support by liking, commenting, and sharing! Have a great weekend E.T Fam!

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27 thoughts on “$600 SOL IN 30 DAYS! HUGE PUMP incoming as Solana Chart Shows Most Important Signal”

  1. PBX Paribus staking NFTs and earn!!!! Game changer..
    I'm buying all the can because it will thrive in a bull market or a bear market

  2. so on 24 of November we should have a $600 price for Sol according to your title.If that doesn't happen I will unsubscribe from your channel cus I don't want to be invaded with misleading content.

  3. SOL is a recent discovery to me. I monitored it on finex chart and the numbers were good. I think about buying it while the price is low, 'cause it seems to me that all crypto will rise rapidly soon

  4. The beauty about these crazy predictions is that the youtubers are geniuses when they materialize, and nobody cares about it in the vast majority of cases when they don't. Nothing to lose.


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