2023 Toyota Sequoia First Look | Revealing Toyota’s Large 3-Row SUV | Price, Interior & More

The Toyota Sequoia is a large three-row SUV that is ideal for large families. In this video, Travis Langness from Edmunds takes a first look at the 2023 Toyota Sequoia and details what changes to expect from Toyota’s largest SUV. Travis talks about what new features and technology you and your family can expect to see in the Sequoia’s interior and takes a walk around the exterior to go show you all the new design features. We weren’t able to get behind the wheel just yet, so stay tuned for our driving impressions of the 2023 Sequoia in the coming months. Until then, enjoy our first look at the 2023 Toyota Sequoia.

Toyota Sequoia pricing & review: https://edmu.in/3nYkNWy

00:00 Intro
02:03 Styling
03:27 Interior
06:54 Towing
07:37 Cargo
08:10 Off-Road
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42 thoughts on “2023 Toyota Sequoia First Look | Revealing Toyota’s Large 3-Row SUV | Price, Interior & More”

  1. they messed this up pretty good I can't believe they got rid of the independent suspension are they out for lunch who wants to buy a 70 grand SUV that rides like a truck and then there is the disaster with the space in the rear tiny little shelf to put things on are you kidding me

  2. When should we expect to find out the mpg ratings? Starting saving up my money now. Do you think the 4runner will be hybrid?

  3. Love everything about this redesign with the exception of the buzz kill on the cargo space. I waited a year before I could buy my 1st generation 4Runner way back in the mid 80's. I've been waiting a year for this redesign but… I'll wait and see. For me it's all the dogs and cargo space.

  4. For me. This should be called Sequoia Sport
    I wish for Toyota in the Future is to build Grand Sequoia which retains the tailgate rear window, Bigger space and preserved the Traditional Sequoia Styling
    This one defeats the space and Appearance overall. Honestly from a far distance it looks like a crossover

  5. Part-time 4wd(((
    no independent rear suspension(((
    Third row did not hides in double bottom
    That's step back for Sequoia
    So, No, thanks!

  6. i want the look of the trd pro with the capstone bells and whistles. would've been nice if the 2nd-row seats can slide up/down and/or side to side. they need to have a larger trunk version (XL or grand), really need the extra storage in the rear. sequoia is the better looking of the two brothers (sequoia vs tundra).

  7. I was looking at the tundra TRD Pro but now I’m wanting this! Downside for me is that 3rd row. Don’t need it. Have to put 3 big dogs in the back and I like my storage. Can’t wait to see the mpg w/ the hybrid. Wonder if this weighs more than the new Tundra TRD Pro?

  8. so disappointed in toyota for getting rid of power roll down rear window… doesnt look good for the 23 4Runner…. now theres nothing that seperates there SUVs from other SUVs……. highly disappointed… guess ill stick with my 18 Runner

  9. I have a 2018 Expedition that I lease was going to look into leasing the 2023 when I have to turn give mine back in April. However, due to what I'm going through now with the trans and service dept I definitely won't be considering another Ford again any time soon. I previously had Infiniti QX models but this Toyota has now caught my eye

  10. I don’t hate it but feel like compared to other offerings in its class it is a little lack luster. The best thing Toyota has going for them lately is their reliability. In my opinion.

  11. You didn't show it, but the cargo area compromises with the third (and second) row seats folded is going to be a big turn-off for many. You no longer have a flat load floor without using that tray/divider – and when you use it, the load floor is nearly chest height. That means shorter folks (many of them women) will struggle. The sliding third row would have been a lot better if you could combine it with a sliding second row – then you would have real innovation in versatility. The other big miss here that few seem to mention – we now have a part time 4wd system that requires deliberate intervention to engage. I get it – not a huge deal (or a non issue) for many, but ALL of the competitors now have auto modes for the 4wd. Toyota took some big leaps forward here, but some of those were just 'table stakes' with the competition, and they really went backwards in a couple areas.

  12. Great video. I can't wait to see the price on this. Now, it' s a choice between this and the Lexus LX600. This Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro seems like the one. It does everything the Lexus does for much less.

  13. I have an 06 Sequoia that's still running strong! I'm loving this new bad mama jama. It's better looking than the new Tundra IMO. Great review!

  14. took them this long…it was ugly as heck..not a fan of the bulging round looks..sleek is better …but will buy competitor's instead

  15. This is a nice SUV, has to be better than the previous one that was on sale for so long. It is sad indeed that Toyota decided to eliminate the Land Cruiser, but I understand that sales had to be lagging and made no sense to keep it in the market.
    Toyota had 4 three row vehicles in its lineup. The Highlander, which I own, is the more sensible one and more highway friendly, the 4Runner truck based (Tacoma) and really tough, the Sequoia also truck based (Tundra) even tougher but way too heavy, and the mighty Land Cruiser, a legendary off roader worshiped in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, Australia and Africa, the true competition for the Land Rover. I think it got too expensive for the USA market, even though Nissan is offering a redisigned Armada that, even though is a slow seller, has a lower price and it is a direct competitor.
    I guess Toyota considers that this Sequoia, a North American market only SUV, would be enough to satisfy the market.

  16. Man I never been into these Toyota SUVs or Toyota really but when I saw the new tundra and now this one I just love the look. I would love to own this for me and my family. Love the tech and the exterior. Wish they had fixed the 3rd row floor height like the other brands have but my kids are still very young and will fit perfect back their for years to come if I do get the chance to purchase this. Does anyone know when it will release?

  17. The old one was an underperformer? you obviously never had one. Yah it sucks fuel like a cruise ship but its a beauty in every other category. This one looks pretty sick though, but good luck putting anything behind that third row.


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