2023 Toyota Sequoia: A very serious competitor to the Tahoe & Yukon!

MotoMan heads to Monterey for an early look at the 2023 Toyota Sequoia. Once there, he learns the 2022 Toyota Tundra based all new Toyota Sequoia takes the forgotten full size SUV from an also ran to something that looks to take on the Chevy Tahoe and GMC Yukon . . . but in a different way.

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46 thoughts on “2023 Toyota Sequoia: A very serious competitor to the Tahoe & Yukon!”

  1. I was seriously looking at the new GM Yukon Denali, but after reading the reviews and CR rating of 1 out of 5 reliability scale, it was DOA. I wouldn't pay 80K for a SUV for that rating. I don't think there is any comparison between this new Toyota Sequoia 2023 and the GM Tahoe or Yukon. Just wish that the new Sequoia got a little more trunk space.

  2. I believe I love (nearly) everything about it, except the price. But why are not more people commenting on the third row seats that do not fold flat? For me this seems like a big issue. Maybe it means just having to see it in person.

  3. Well. The rear ruined it. Those seats gotta fold outta the way. Or even better be removable. That “shelf” system sucks. I’m actually kinda pissed Toyota would ruin that vehicle with the crap they pulled off in the rear.

  4. The all new Sequoia is absolutely better than Yukon, Tahoe or Expedition.
    Personally, I’d opt up for the LEXUS LX600 because my kids are all grown up and have their own rides. Room for kids (4+ their friends) isn’t needed anymore. I just love the top notch quality, finish, material and the attention to detail similar to that of the Lexus LS flagship sedan.

  5. Interesting that Toyota chose to keep the Sequoia nameplate over the Land Cruiser. I feel like the land cruiser name holds so more weight and has a loyal following. I get that they couldn’t keep both vehicles since they sort of compete with each other, but now the Sequoia is now priced in Land cruiser territory.

    To me, they should’ve just called this the new Land Cruiser and get rid of the Sequoia nameplate

  6. I've owned Toyotas for over 20 years. I currently own a 2013 Land Cruiser. So you can say that I'm a Toyota fan boy. I very much do not like current Toyota design. NOT AT ALL. Yes, I'm shouting. The huge grilles, the guppy mouth bottom openings on the Camry and Avalon, etc. The new Tundra grille is, frankly, atrocious. The grille on the new Sequoia is better than the Tundra, but that is damning with faint praise. Those horrific creases on the front and rear fenders of the Sequoia? The plastic fender badges? Why? I realize that you are trying to disguise the large vertical profile, but those creases are simply hideous.

    As a Land Cruiser owner, no, I won't replace my Land Cruiser with a Sequoia TRD Pro. The Sequoia is simply too big, with bad angles and a wheelbase that is too long for many offroad trails that I use. And the new LX has that horrifically ugly spindle grille. That third row is pathetic compared to the third row offered in full-size SUVs that have an IRS (Tahoekonbanalislade and Expedition). If you're not going to build a serious competitor in this market, then why are you even bothering?

    MotoMan, please tell the Calty folks that they need to start designing attractive vehicles. Please hire or promote someone to a senior position who has some taste, because clearly the current fellow in charge has none.

  7. Was thinking the same thing about the appearance! It looks really good and I like it better than the GM suvs. Not a fan of the rear side windows and body lines on the Yukons or Tahoes

  8. I On my second Yukon XL over 350k miles. I really like the looks of these two rigs. My first question concerns legroom when two tall people sit tandem in front and middle. hasn’t been acceptable in the past. I would also need hard selling to accept the 23” wheels. A lot of us have them out of our system and think the fatter tires and more comfort is the best. Tow rating? I could well be a serious buyer for this. I would like the benefits of something short enough to garage, etc. but with comfort and room for my tallest foursome and all our gear for a golf road trip. My 2014 Yukon was built as a rental with no screen in the center stack. Yet, the car has almost all the bells/whistles I want and they work very well. It would be great to have the Capstone or less at a price lots less than Lexus. So, you are very much on track. It doesn’t just look good, it looks great…… partly ‘cause the rear side could easily be a Chevy, but that’s ok.

  9. I think the shield under the front bumper ruins the look, unlike the TRD without the shield, looks nicer. Couldn’t they have designed a better looking one?

  10. I said I wouldn’t buy a brand new Toyota because I didn’t like that design….. but holy crap this thing looks amazing! I would love to have one in jet black

  11. They'll be lucky to sell 8k like they did last year. US market wants storage and the cargo area for this Sequoia is atrocious. Very few offroaders want full size SUVs especially when the storage is comparable to current 4runners.

  12. Both cars are very nice looking. Way better than any other three row. Telluride is close, but clearly not on the same level. I couldn’t imagine taking one of those off-road. They are HUGE

  13. Damn you, Toyota! That rear window isn’t going down! My dog doesn’t approve, and neither do I. Best not screw it up on the new 4Runner!

  14. I have an 08 Sequoia with almost 200K miles…freshly broken in! But I have been waiting for the next gen for several years. I really like what I am seeing so far. Cant wait to see pricing info and availability dates. Will the Platinum get the same grill as the Limited? Also I wonder about ride, handling and interior comfort as compared to redesigned Tahoe and refreshed 2022 Expedition given the difference in their suspension setup. Is this Sequoia as smooooth? The only thing that I really don’t like is the fact that the second row is fixed and does not slide up and down on rails – this is a huge miss for me given the tight squeeze in the third row even with it pulled all the way back!!

  15. I daily a Sonata N Line. I have a GT3 Touring on order. I'm on the hunt for a 300CD. I'm not an suv guy. I like this one a lot…

  16. Very much appreciate the review, and its a great looking vehicle, but it drives me nuts that we have to wait so long for full specs and a driving video.

  17. So its Kevins fault that we lost half our space in the back and alot of people are asking for a 2 row version or removable seats.
    Gee…thanx Kevin for screwing up the main reason alot of people get a full sized suv…..because they want the space of a full sized suv.
    Maybe if Toyota took the Sequoia seriously and not as a tundra afterthought they would have designed a better placement for the hybrid batteries then to just gut out the rear end space and try to cover it up with a cheap piece of cardboard and calling it practical. You know whats practical Kevin?? A flat floor with plenty of space to put thing…KEVIN!!
    Give me a 2 row TRD version with the capstones tuck away sidesteps…and for the love of all that is holy…put the batteries under the rear seats or something. Especially if they are going to be stationary anyway and ill buy one.
    As is right now. The Jeep Grand Cherokee has alot better tech…better interior….better space…better off road chops and wont need a redesign in a couple years. And im not even a jeep fan…ive owned Toyotas my whole life…but this is a huge letdown. And you cant argue that tech wise this "new" Sequoia is already behind most of its competition before its even released.
    Why is toyota so against making anything with a decent amount of tech. This thing will be dated an old before its even 3 years into its generation cycle and we wont see a new one for another 10 plus years if we even do. Cause this wont sell to anyone with half a brain except Toyota fanboys.


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