2022 Tundra Frame Walk Around | Toyota

Take a deeper look at the new frame that makes the Tundra ride and drive. Ken Munkelt and the R&D team are here to answer some questions on this awesome new Tundra. More Tundra videos:

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0:00 2022 Tundra Frame Walk Around
0:30 What engine will the 2022 Toyota Tundra have?
1:45 What kind of frame does a Tundra have?
3:14 What kind of suspension does a Tundra have?

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In this video, take a quick walk-around of the new Tundra’s frame.

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40 thoughts on “2022 Tundra Frame Walk Around | Toyota”

  1. I totally agree, talking about the hybrid has gotten really really old give it a break already !! Mpgs and price ??????????????????????????????

  2. Once again Toyota doesn’t build the configurations I’d like. The ideal truck for a work would be a SR crewmax 6.5 foot bed with hybrid and air suspension at least as an option. Hybrid is available in all trims in other Toyotas why not tundra?

  3. I was talking to an engineer not that long ago in your guises benchmarks for longevity in reliability is insane. I have full confidence that this drive train in that truck along with the sequoia will last easy 20 years

  4. Great setup! It ain’t a 5.7 v8 that’s already proven. Maybe in 20 years we can talk about how it kept up with the 5.7. This is for those guys with skirts who complain about MPG.

  5. I’m ready for the mpg numbers to see how well it does in stop and go traffic and short distances. With this hybrid system in the winter will this allow for faster cabin heat without the gas motor having to get up to temp?

  6. Kind of a dumb question, but if the electric motor goes between the engine and transmission, if for some reason the electric part is broken, would the car still drive using only the engine?

  7. Ruined this truck for me by putting coil spring rear suspension on it takes it to entirely different class now its a suv not a real work truck anymore it's a sports utility vehicle. Why f150 is class leader


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