2022 Toyota Tundra | MotorWeek Road Test

Competing against the Big-3 when it comes to full-size pickup trucks is anything but easy, but the Toyota Tundra has held its own in the segment for some 20-years now. And with the debut of an all-new 3rd generation, it looks like it’s not about to shrink from that fight anytime soon.

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21 thoughts on “2022 Toyota Tundra | MotorWeek Road Test”

  1. I just watched John Davis and Pat Goss for the first time in a long time. I was like, “Holy hell these guys got old!” Then I looked in the mirror and realized they’re aging way more gracefully than I…

  2. the 21s cab is bigger than that of the 22. both dbl cab and crewmaxx. glad i purchased the v8 21 vintage button good enough for this Canadian First Nations fella.

  3. An automatic limited slip rear differential!! That's a car's traction device like in my transam.
    My Silverado has a locking differential, that locks both rear tires together…

  4. I always considered the tundra as North Americas land cruiser especially now considering the actual land cruiser is gone in North America

  5. This used to be bulletproof proof vehicle in the past, but nowadays they are just a nameplate used for a vehicle that uses same amount of computers and sensors like a spacecraft. This will become junk after few years. Old is gold. What was Toyota thinking with twin turbos? Don’t you remember what happened to Mercedes twin turbos? They became junk after 5 years

  6. 22 Tundra , no tow hooks rear bed not as wide LOL Six Cylinder turbo , can you imagine the repair cost of that!!! Speaking of repair turbo troubles air not moving properly. Toyota has to remove the cab from the frame to repair recent turbo problems . LoL LOL . SPEAKING OF CAB ROOM ITS SMALLER . Better use that coupon from MY PILLOW if you plan to drive a long distance. LOL Fob subscription ; who would be so stupid to purchase that Remote start also on the pay list LOL ,and get this remote start stops when you open the door ,is that not stupid LOL .The 22 also is to long to fit in a standard size garage LOL The sensors on the front end goes off with a alarm ,because they are covered with snow or ice LOL Towing is so/so . This is a soccer MOM'S vehicle not a work truck . I own a 2014 Tundra V8 and would not even consider the 22 Tundra dog . That is already showing up on used lots . Be very careful in your purchase. Oh ya the big screen on the dash has numerous electrical problems nice touch Toyota LOL And dealer over price ripoff real nice LOL

  7. No V8 junk hook a 32 camper to that turbo 6. It won't last long Toyota took a huge step backwards. V6 10speed transmission. They won't last in the mountains. Junk

  8. That front end is just ridiculous. It’s also in the way. First thing I would do is find another bumper preferably steel. If you even can replace it.

  9. With the canister oil filters, introduction of new unproven v6 engines, and this horrific design, this new tundra is right at home taking a seat in 4th place, right next to the titan.


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