2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone // The Lexus of Trucks! (Loads of Luxury + Hybrid-Turbo!)

Join us for the FIRST review of the NEW 2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone Hybrid! This Tundra is promising to be the MOST LUXURIOUS (and powerful) Tundra ever; improving on the already great all-new 2022 Toyota Tundra! But should you buy this over F-150 Limited or RAM Limited?? Let’s find out!

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40 thoughts on “2022 Toyota Tundra Capstone // The Lexus of Trucks! (Loads of Luxury + Hybrid-Turbo!)”

  1. Thanks for watching everyone! Make sure tune back in February 1st for all the full details including an in-depth test drive, pricing and fuel economy! We can't wait to share the rest of the Capstone experience with you guys!

  2. I will say I like Toyotas high end name more than the other big three bravado country names like King Ranch, Long Horn, and High Country. Capstone feels a little more from independent thought.

  3. Awesome review ever guys, this 22 Toyota tundra capstone is a ultimate luxury exquisite true Lexus of hybrid trucks for sure, Take care guys, And keep up the great content.

  4. beautiful grill…they failed on the grill front if they have given the same kind of nice grill on other model, it would have been a great sale for those as well…people buying those but are not happy with the front look.

  5. Lcd gauge are faking looking AF. Add that to the fake looking graphics when you start up, the fake vents, and the fake engine noises piped in thru the speakers.

  6. Everything you mention in this tundra my 2020 ram longhorn has except that my hemi 5.7 along with the 8speed ZF tranny is more reliable than this new V6 twin turbo. If it would have kept the iforce 5.7 then I’d trade my ram in for the tundra capstone with the v8.

  7. Totally wasted

    Engine designed by Toyota Japan which is Awesome and any other thing that design and made by Toyota USA , sucks , Toyota must learn from American Manufacturers to design vehicles , any way few issues what I found .
    Poor low quality of interior -they added looks but cheap quality of marital used to cut the cost .
    Interior lighting is super poor
    Black Carpet – Why ?
    Too much cheap Plastic in side
    Turn ratio is small
    No Under body protection – Sucks
    Mix twin turbo exhaust will damage exhaust muffler high air flow – lets see
    long nose for no reason .
    Small Windshield
    Lower Seating – sucks
    Cheap center console unit
    Cheap thought of big giant Toyota Logo inside , what they think they doing .
    Front hood does not go up which is suppose to , hard to work inside in the engine bay .
    Lastly , super wasted infotainment screen , Toyota must bring connectivity , such as built in Phone system , and most important APPS , i understand its Linux Auto system but they must develop built in Apps , such as Music , Maps etc
    and can bring Phone function built in via porting numbers system – it is possible to make this system awesome if Toyota interested .
    at the moment it act like a external monitor to use Phone

  8. very disappointed on the new exterior design, absolutely horrible design – coming from a old style owner – will not be buying this

  9. Nothing particularly standout over the 1794…. The price asked for this will determine if there is any reason to get it. Very few differences vs. 1794 and most are cosmetic (low cost). I think the grille is nice and in proportion, but the interior screen is out of proportion and juts up above the top of the dashboard (partly obscuring the storage area behind it on top of the dash).

  10. Wait.. California? And sequencial turn signals, and LEDs? How can that be? The U.S., as far as I know, has a law (federal, I guess) which states they MUST be halogen, and "can't be sequential" – or something along those lines.
    That is the reason, why Audis don't have their signature, sequential, turn signal lights fitted for the U.S. market.

    Either way, it's much better that the halogen, and also that law is stupid and old.. from the 70's if I am not mistaken.

  11. Nice truck but brush aluminum would be much nicer then chrome in my opinion also key fob can be upgraded really basic black plastic

  12. Nice truck, but my ram 1500 limited night edition is nicer and inside my cab is bigger with more back seat room and I like my ram boxes and multiply function tailgate better etc.


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