2022 Toyota Sienna Platinum Review: LOADED But Is It a Good Value?

Take a full tour during my 2022 Sienna Platinum Review. Exterior, interior, storage, safety, technology, much more!

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27 thoughts on “2022 Toyota Sienna Platinum Review: LOADED But Is It a Good Value?”

  1. Thanks for watching everyone! I hope you like my content. What are your thoughts on Sienna? What are some cool Platinum features from the video?

  2. Hi Jeff, I am in Canada. I ordered my Sienna XSE back in August 2021. I still haven’t received it. Do we know if Toyota has ramped up production and delivery of the Sienna in North America? Thanks!

  3. These are so expensive. Does Toyota build a under $32k family mini van for ordinary families? Edit: The groove is in the heart. Lol I have that CD!

  4. Hi Jeff,
    Lots of cool features and styling with the 22 Sienna.
    I'm trying to keep our 2011 running smoothly. Unfortunately 7th grade math and my party planning need some extra help. Oh well. Rock on in Raleigh.

  5. Can you do 2022 Prius prime the blue and the red compairing them on the colors as well so hard to find a good vid on the more expensive paint vs the blue that comes on the prime, also any update on the 2023 models ?

  6. I can definitely see a small dog or cat chilling underneath the deck area between the driver and passenger. And there’s an outlet for a heat pad….

  7. Finally! A recent video of a trim level higher than XSE. Will be watching later!! I'm subbing just because of this. lol.

  8. Great video Jeff! I'm looking at the Sienna Woodland but they seem impossible to find. Dealers don't seem to have a single one in stock, for me to even look at. Is this because demand is really high, or really low for the Woodland? What are you hearing and seeing about the Woodland Edition?

  9. I gotta to give 100% on the fact that I got a 2004 and it have been the one perfect, and the one thing to think about you don't see Toyota Sienna broke down on side of the road, facts. Gotta To Love it

  10. 2 things we don’t like: 1) the trunk seat area seems cheaply designed to fold seat compared to the Honda Odyssey. 2) the front grill is boring!
    LOVE how the 2nd row seat slide wayyyy back


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