2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 – Crash Tests / full marks from ANCAP

2022 Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series scores five-star safety rating

The recently released Toyota LandCruiser 300 Series has taken full marks from ANCAP’s crash tests, scoring five out of five stars.

Having gone on sale last year and with the first examples arriving just before Christmas, all LandCruiser 300 Series (LC300) variants apart from the GR Sport have been rated by ANCAP, leading its class in the tests.

Out of the four tested categories, its strongest showing was in adult occupant protection where it scored 34.08 points out of 38 available, a score of 89 per cent.

Full marks were given in the side impact, oblique pole, far side impact and rescue and extraction tests, while its weakest result came courtesy of the frontal offset test, taking 4.9 out of eight points on offer.

Next best was its child occupant protection rating – an 88 per cent overall result was only slightly down on the adult occupant score, again taking full marks in two of the four tests.

Vulnerable road users are relatively well protected as the 81 per cent score revealed – thanks to 44.02 points from 54 available – with upper and lower leg impacts as well as its autonomous emergency braking capabilities for forward pedestrian impacts all scoring within a point of full marks.

Still attributing towards the overall five-star rating, the LC300’s safety assist systems were given 12.4 points out of 16 (77 per cent), as all individual categories bar one tested scored above half, with the AEB junction assist awarded 0.89 points out of two.

Despite the hype for the LC300 and a limited number of cars being delivered late last year, a series of production delays for Toyota have blown out waiting list times, with some customers told they will have to wait another 12 months to receive the cars they ordered.

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42 thoughts on “2022 Toyota Land Cruiser 300 – Crash Tests / full marks from ANCAP”

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  2. I don't care about all the tests made. Toyota fucked up on the shape and looks. And there is Zero trust on the new torbo engines as we all know the issues with all torbo enhanced engines and I would not trust my life to it going to the desert at all. The older models looked and performed better. I think it's time for Toyota to listen to their customers and repent for the Capital Sin they committed with the new models of Land Cruiser

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  8. Piece of shit as always.
    Too low speed in test. In reality it should be 1.5x faster at least and fail in all test.

  9. Tests like this should be standardized across nations so that a pass here allows for the importation to the US also.

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