2022 Toyota Hilux for India | Expected engine, features, price, launch of this SUV | evo India

The Toyota Hilux 2022 is all set to launch in India and we got wind of some of the things you can expect on the pick-up. In this video, we’re talking about the platform, engine, features, price and even delivery timelines for the new Hilux 2022 . This legendary off-roader also gets 4×4 and a suite of electronic aids to make it more effortless off-road. Watch the full video for all the details on the all new Toyota Hilux !

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23 thoughts on “2022 Toyota Hilux for India | Expected engine, features, price, launch of this SUV | evo India”

  1. Well finally the hilux is here , I thinks it will conquer the market if it is available at a price range around 25 lakhs , but this is india and the bu the tame its on sale on road prices are gonna be like 30- 35 lakhs plus 😂

  2. Indians don't like pickups , we need something like Ford endeavor.Who will purchase a car that looks like you do some shady work.

  3. Crisp update. I feel Hilux will be priced @ 35 lakhs ex showroom , as it has the same 204 bhp Fortuner engine and tested off-road capabilities ,tech, safety, interiors from fortuner . If Hilux is launched at ex showroom 25- 28 lakhs then its great value .

  4. Not sure why Tata and Mahindra haven't thought about bringing in lifestyle trucks which cost below 20 lakhs? Both these companies have brains who can manage at that price tag and I am sure people will line up to buy it. The response to Thar is very promising. Indian market needs good cars.

  5. Toyota considers Indians as goods and keeps bringing only trucks to india. It’s shame that they haven’t brought any passenger class monocoque SUVs to india.


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