2022 Toyota Harrier 2.0 Luxury review in Malaysia – RM250k

The Harrier has been a household name in the Malaysian SUV market, long before UMW Toyota decided introduce the official import. We check out the latest CBU 2.0 Luxury to see if it’s worth your RM250k.

More info, here: https://bit.ly/2022-Toyota-Harrier


49 thoughts on “2022 Toyota Harrier 2.0 Luxury review in Malaysia – RM250k”

  1. I bash the new Harrier when first launched because of its lame drivetrain. But till I saw the real car park in front of me, can't take my eyes off it. People who prefer Lexus or Toyota the powertrain will never be their first priority. Those who craving for power should take German beast. What Lexus offering is the quality of drive and ride with exceptional reliability. That's why Lexus attract so many rich uncle and aunty to buy it. I still enjoy my German beast but one day I will take a Lexus for myself.

  2. Any so called suv in quarter mil myr price range and still lose to a modern day Civic turbo in terms of speed is pure shame. Manufacturers should just shove these junks into the scrap yard 🀣

  3. A very handsome SUV, probably very reliable, but sadly let down by :-
    1. Underpowered 2.0 NA engine
    2. No 360deg camera
    3. Cheapo dashcams
    4. Very shallow and small boot
    5. CVT gearbox
    6. Not premium steering wheel
    7. Not so functional moonroof
    8. Non HD screen
    9. Ugly exposed exhaust

  4. For the price that UMW Toyota is asking for this car, the engine and the infotainment screen alone is enough to make people shop elsewhere.

    Also, the ”S" in SUV stands for "Sports", so I don't quite agree that such and anemic engine in a RM250k SUV is acceptable.

  5. I think all Toyota car dashboard design is 'ketinggalan zaman'. Especially on higher range like alphard and vellfire. It looks old as fuk and doesn't match the price for a modern car. Why is this happening? πŸ€”

  6. I just bought VW Tiguan Allspace R line. Much better than this harrier. more performance, plush interior and practical. importantly more cheaper!

  7. Another good review, Hafiz. Looks like this Harrier have more shortcomings (for its category) than most that you have done before, that was my take! The Cross Hybrid scores higher…..despite NOT within this class/price range.

  8. One thing for sure:
    Anything made and comes to Malaysia, gets worse:

    1)Cars that has rear wheel steering, unable to bring due to being to "complicated" to make, but able to have/make professional MBUX(like Mercedes or Bmw) from a Proton car
    2)Other countries with the best tech on this specific(like car speakers), but comes to Malaysia, downgrade it for no reasons

  9. IMHO, I think CX-30 got a prettier internal design and features… The infotainment system could not match with what Mazda offers as of now…

  10. I don't understand why Toyota Harrier is more expensive than Toyota Fortuner?…in singapore the fortuner is way more expensive than harrier….anyone can advice

  11. A moderate SUV .. with low tech features … CRV is better equipped with 1.5 L turbo VTEC and Sensing .. cost RM70 k cheaper

  12. I experienced the same unacceptable levels of wind noise from the driver side when i test drove it a few weeks ago. I don't think it's limited to the car you test drove, seems to be a common issue – a real deal-breaker for me.


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