2022 Toyota GR86 Review // Surprise DRAG RACE + LAP TIME

The 2022 Toyota GR86 is the purest no-frills affordable sports coupe on sale today at a starting price of under $30,000 US. With a naturally aspirated boxer engine putting out 228 HP and 184 lb-ft of torque the new 86 takes from the original recipe and perfects it. Gone are the days of torque dip, but the easy-to-kick out back end and razor-sharp handling are here to stay. How does it stack up to the previous generation? And what about the competition… Watch! SUBSCRIBE




Post-production by Karston Chong and Thomas Holland

Thank you to @daddy.yan.kee for letting us feature his nearly new 86!

And to Craig and his son for bringing out their ND2 Miata! And to Dave from Dave’s Garage, for making it happen.

Drone flying by @remotecontrolkev

Music from Epidemicsound.com and Artlist.io

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25 thoughts on “2022 Toyota GR86 Review // Surprise DRAG RACE + LAP TIME”

  1. Im really curious to see what tuning will do with these. If people can get close to around 280 at the crank with just some simple mods and a tune (maybe ethanol). This car will be a riot. Do that and add some nice coilovers with stickier/wider wheels and tires and these things will run lap times with cars twice their price.

  2. Easily my favorite reviewers, wish i knew them personally. Sadly, last time i was in on the car scene, the FD RX7 and E36 M3 were hot, so I barely understand all latest car news.

  3. whats the story with the GR86 sales and availability? I live in San Diego and still haven't seen one on the road. Maybe SoCal just isn't in to cars anymore…HA!

  4. The should done the vvtli (lift) in this car that would have add lotta more hp and fun to this car. This have the same hp as a K24 but without vtec hahahaha

  5. Because of this episode, I sold my m235i with an LSD and coilovers for a BRZ 2022. no regrets. joy to drive and the coilovers are ordered… Keep it up boyz.

  6. The American guy is so annoying. Rather have less sticky tires??? Tf? He was also mad because he couldn’t get the TLX Type S to skid out and drift. Like um that’s a good thing. Not everyone has to drift to have fun

  7. Only thing that really, really bugs me it the obnoxious chrome toyota emblems front, rear and on horn button !! , and they look recessed so if you pop them off it looks just as bad… I still want one but gotta do something about those emblems..

  8. love the torque dip personally

    very fun to drive around it

    forces u to either drive v boringly or keep the rpm’s strictly over 4700 if u wanna drive spiritedly

  9. These cars are awsome but what do you guys think would be the best manual sport car for a busted up 57 year old nyc firefighter that cant get in and out of a beauty like this car anymore. And not spend over 35,ooo? Love the channel guys following for years.GREAT INFO. AND YOU 2 ARE A LAUGH RIOT!!!

  10. Supra A91 really 2.5 seconds faster than A90? Can you rerun to verify/validate. I didn't think there was this much of a difference.


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