2022 Toyota GR86 Premium Overview

Today we’re taking a look at the first year of Toyota’s second-generation 86. This new 86 has more power and more aggressive styling than the first generation. The GR86 currently comes in four different configurations. You can get either the base trim level or the premium trim level in either the automatic or manual transmission

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20 thoughts on “2022 Toyota GR86 Premium Overview”

  1. Got my 22 black gr86 premium yesterday!!! It's beautiful 😍… already tinted. Can't tint the windshield though I believe it blocks a sensor

  2. Sports cars are such a tiny tiny niche in the car market that I'm surprised Toyota is still building a sports/sporty car! It's low volume and low if any profit market.

  3. I will buy one but I’ll be waiting at least 4 years for a special addition or for all the upgrades and flaws to get fixed


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