2022 Toyota GR86 Full Review featuring Mk8 VW GTI and ND2 Miata — Jason Cammisa on the Icons Ep. 04

The second-generation Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR 86 are here, and we’ve driven the Toyota together with the 2022 Volkswagen GTI Mk8, a drag race against the venerable Mazda MX-5 Miata, and a surprise visit by a Porsche 944 Turbo.

This is a full track and road review of the new Toyota 86 and Mk8 GTI as you’ve come to expect from Jason Cammisa including loads of beautiful sideways slides, donuts, J-Turns, and — perhaps more importantly than anything else — perspective and insight.

Why is a rear-wheel drive sports car such a big deal? If the GTI is so good (and it is) why is the iconic sports car recipe always RWD? Is it just because of weight transfer and the traction circle?

Jason explores this and more — and comes to the conclusion that the Mk2 Toyota GR86 is the spiritual successor to the Porsche 944. You’ll have to watch to find out how and why.

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0:00 Toyota GR 86 vs ND2 Miata drag race
0:41 2022 Volkwagen GTI introduction
1:06 The 86 is the Porsche 944’s spiritual successor
1:14 Mk2 BRZ still has no turbo!
1:41 Few affordable sports cars
2:26 The Torque Hole is fixed — engine review
3:36 2022 GR 86 vs Mk8 VW GTI drag race
4:35 FWD vs RWD weight transfer
5:34 Mk8 GTI track review
6:26 The Traction Circle (GTI)
7:12 FWD vs AWD: GR86 vs GTI track battle
8:11 Mk8 GTI on-road review
9:21 Hot hatch practicality: refrigerator test
10:10 The $30,000 enthusiast car continuum
10:37 Porsche 944 Turbo is an everyday sports car
11:06 2022 GR86 interior review
11:50 Mk2 Toyota 86 vs ND Miata handling review
13:09 2022 GR86 / Subaru BRZ review summary
13:35 A Porsche we can afford
14:10 Dropping iPhone in the toilet


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43 thoughts on “2022 Toyota GR86 Full Review featuring Mk8 VW GTI and ND2 Miata — Jason Cammisa on the Icons Ep. 04”

  1. Hey Jason, can you do a video with hagerty and scrutinize/review the e30 compared to like an old gti compared to like Jdm at the time? Kinda like this video but with those cars

  2. What's stopping the crew from making a movie? I've never seen a YouTube car review channel like this one!!

  3. This is the first car review video where I came for the cars and left wanting more VIDEO! Amazing quality editing and production on this one, bravo!

  4. It does have one very particular downside to me personally: my old brz allow me to put my 29” mountain bike inside the car with only front wheel unbolted, but the new one can’t because of that smaller trunk opening…

  5. I wish they would be available for msrp but these greedy dealers add 20k markup to anything interesting which kills it's sales and then the manufacturer thinks they didn't build a great car because it didn't sell so they kill it.

  6. The guy in a dress reminds me of JAMES ( Dom Deluise's Son " in my opinion)from DONUT car channel.
    But the host, has gotten better,( or I watched more)
    And this Video turned out to end the way ,I was hoping it would.
    A GTI has its place and it's great VW bothers still.
    But as I've Daily Drove Sports Cars for 50yrs Straight.
    I was hoping they fixed the 86 to this level.
    It sure reminds me much more of a 240Z than a 924/944 Porsche. But tomatoes toematos, they are in the ball Park.
    These days ANY THING can be made fast.
    Some thing has to be said for looks and style.
    We can make aN AMC gremlin , fast. But would you want it in your drive way?
    The GTI is fast…..but the Toyota is fast enough, and retains value especial this NEW model.
    VW has a rep of being worthless fairly quick

  7. Anyone know where I can find the name of the tracks that they used in the video? The background music is damn good in this video.

  8. lol no one is comparing a GTI vs a miata and 86, the gti will have gone through $8k in repairs while the japanese cousins will only require oil and filters….

  9. The criticisms of the GT86 are valid… Fixable with headers, cats, dyno tune and grippy tyres. The GR86 will also responde to usual NA mods. Good fun


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