2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Review // Will this be a hit?

This is a Motormouth couple car review of the all-new 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross small utility. Toyota is known for building crossovers that people love and I expect this budget-friendly Corolla Cross to be just as popular. The Corolla Cross has a 2L 4-cylinder engine matched with a CVT, 169 horsepower and 150 lb-ft of torque. FWD and AWD options are available. The AWD system delivers up to 50% of engine torque to the rear wheels and completely disengages when not needed for improved fuel economy.
Built in Huntsville, Alabama, the Corolla Cross rides on the same platform as the C-HR, the Lexus UX and the Corolla sedan and hatchback. It has more ground clearance than all of them at 8.2 inches. The Corolla Cross is comfortable, versatile and practical offering excellent overall cargo capacity. This crossover has a modern exterior design that is unique to this model. It comes with a black grille with black accents throughout, 17” steel wheels are standard on the base trim, 17” alloy wheels on the LE and the top trim comes with 18” wheels. Where does it fit in the Toyota lineup? Right between the C-HR and RAV4. The Corolla Cross is longer than the C-HR by almost 5 inches and shorter than the RAV4 by 5.4 inches.
Overall cargo capacity is impressive getting between 65.5 – 66.8 cubic feet depending on whether you choose FWD or AWD. Where the Corolla Cross falls short against the competition is in second row legroom. Although it offers a little bit more than the C-HR, it has less than the Hyundai Kona, Jeep Compass, Kia Seltos, Volkswagen Taos and Subaru Crosstrek. They all offer between 2.6 – 6.3 inches more legroom. If you are looking for a vehicle with extra ground clearance, the Corolla Cross provides 8.2 inches, more than the competition except for the Compass, which has the same and the Crosstrek with 8.7 inches. There are three Corolla Cross trims available, the base trim comes with a 7-inch touchscreen, a 4.2-inch multi-information display, Apple Carplay and Android Auto, a 6-speaker audio system, heated front seats, manual driver and passenger seats, cloth upholstery and Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. The next trim up, the LE model comes with an 8” touchscreen, blind spot monitoring and rear-cross traffic alert. You can add the LE package for $2,100 CAD for the moonroof, wireless charger and roof rails. The top XLE trim has a 9-speaker JBL audio system, Softtex seats, 4-way power driver’s seat, 7” multi-information display, ambient lighting, a leather wrapped shift knob, wireless charger and power rear lift-gate.The Corolla Cross is slightly shorter than the Subaru Crosstrek but longer than the VW Taos, Kia Seltos, Jeep Compass and Hyundai Kona. The Crosstrek offers the most front legroom with the Corolla Cross coming in second amongst the competition. Second row legroom in the Corolla Cross falls short offering 32 inches of legroom, less than these competitors. Space behind the second row is not best-in-class but beats the Crosstrek. The Taos offers the most, followed by the Jeep Compass. The Taos and Toyota Cross have the most overall cargo space, the Corolla Cross offers 66.8 cubic feet for FWD and 65.5 Cubic feet for AWD. The Taos has 65.9 cubic feet.

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44 thoughts on “2022 Toyota Corolla Cross Review // Will this be a hit?”

  1. I think Toyota will sell more cross to the people who are married to the brand. Hard to impress others who are looking to shift from other bands.

  2. I am not a fan of CVTs. I have heard Nissan's CVTs have a lot of trouble. I really wish these automakers would inter-grate the touch screen into the dash. I don't like the trend of sticking a big iPad in the middle of the dash.

  3. I spec'd one out yesterday and I was impressed with the result. I like the body style on this little SUV. It looks promising.

  4. What is the TC fuel consumption??? 31MPG ???? only 1 MPG better than RAV4??!! Really?? With the engine, 20% less power and volume, with CVT trans only 2 % better fuel consumption?? Sounds looks like a total engineering disaster from Toyota. Oo, sorry from MAZDA.

  5. The Big con hear is the CVT Transmission , they are trouble after 150,000 miles and cost around 4,000. To replace.
    Surprisingly we found out that just about every SUV and SUV crossovers have them. Make sure your next SUV,Crossover SUV or Compact SUV has a Automatic transmission!

  6. I just wonder what type of hybrid they will offer and what the difference between hybrid and plug in hybrid and which one Toyota will offer on the Corolla Cross ?

  7. OMG….thank God Andrea doesn't wear those giant ridiculous pilot sunglasses anymore….. so rude talking to people with big sun glasses on….Andrea, you look do much cleaner and sleek without that terrible sunglasses……

  8. Don't even bother to buy this cheap Corolla with your USA $34,000……take that money and buy a used Lexus RX350….you will be so much more happier with the Lexus than with this Toyota….. Sure, you get a brand new Corolla Cross but it's still a cheap economy suv…..so just get the used Lexus RX350

  9. It has a automatic starter press the button 3 times but after 3 years you have to pay for the subscription every month if not you loss it not Kool Toyota!😡

  10. Waiting for the release of this car in Belgium. (End 2022, only hybrid) Doubting between this Corolla Cross and the Rav4 as my new car 🙂
    If the Rav4 would get that green colour… that would be awesome. 🙂

  11. Yes, this is definitely a slam dunk, just like when Toyota and Pontiac brought out the Matrix/Vibe twins, which, we are looking to replace.
    Two comments and one question.
    1) it is beyond me why Toyota does not have the plastic appliqué ALL around the wheels (on this and the Rav4). Missing behind front wheel and in front of back wheel. So vulnerable…
    2) passenger height adjustment should be a must (also missing from my civic hatchback)
    3) Question: is the transmission in the Cross the same as the one in the hatchback? Consumer Reports just downgraded its recommendation of the hb because of tranny problems.

  12. Couldn't they think up another name, definitely a much bigger trunk than the Corolla hatchback which wouldn't be hard.

  13. Did I just hear this correctly?
    The key fob auto start feature is only good for 3 years then after that you have to pay a subscription service for it?

  14. Thank you once again, Andrea and Zack, for helping us make car buying decisions. This is definitely one I am considering after watching your review. I enjoy your used car marketplace options in your videos, too. We appreciate that you offer something for everyone in your great reviews!


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