2022 Toyota Corolla Cross | Review & Road Test

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This is the 2022 Toyota Corolla Cross.

Built on the TNGA-C platform shared with the Toyota Corolla, the Prius, and the Lexus UX, this little guy finally positions Toyota to properly compete in the small SUV space versus names like the Honda HR-V, Kia Seltos, Subaru Crosstrek, and Chevrolet Trax.

For added context, the Corolla Cross nestles snuggly size-wise between the Toyota RAV4 and the smaller Toyota C-HR. But unlike the front-drive-only C-HR, you can get your Corolla Cross with all-wheel drive for a very modest $1,300.

If you want the all-weather traction of all-wheel drive, Toyota’s system only imposes a modest fuel economy penalty. (FWD 31city/33hwy AWD 29city/32 hwy).

In fact, among small SUVs the Corolla Cross is one of the more efficient choices.

Though I didn’t notice a major difference in ride sophistication between the front and all-wheel drive versions I should mention that the all-wheel-drive Corolla Cross benefits from a multi-link rear suspension versus the front-drive version’s comparatively simple torsion-beam rear. And, last all-wheel-drive note, with more than 8 inches of ground clearance you actually can take your Corolla Cross to semi-rugged destinations. Hey, the road to kayaking isn’t always paved.

Rounding out the technical preamble, power comes from a 2.0L 4-cylinder making what I would describe as adequate power (169hp, 150 lb-ft).

No, the Corolla Cross is not quick. But the small SUV segment isn’t known for quickness.

In contrast, while the Honda HR-V weighs a couple hundred pounds less than Toyota Corolla Cross, but the HR-V makes notably less power (141 hp, 127 lb-ft) horsepower.

I will add that though power is distributed via a continuously variable transmission when driving like a respectable citizen power delivery feels just fine.

I’ll bet what you really want to know is how my impressively average body fits in the Corolla Cross. Well, I’m happy to help.

Adding to the Corolla Cross’s practical side is a roomy cargo area aft of the standard 60/40 split rear seats offering about 26 cu-ft to work with. Also, if you have plans to tow, know that the Corolla peaks at 1,500 lbs.

Before moving on, let’s discuss interior quality. On this base L trim, hard plastic dominates, and fake stitching abounds, but move up a trim or two and the door uppers turn soft and the seats transform from cloth to leatherette.

For the category, the cabin is an agreeable and well-arranged space.

And bonus points for including standard rear vents, Toyota. My daughter thanks you.

Light steering efforts at slow speeds. The small size makes it quite parkable. Good visibility out. Smooth ride over big bumps. Tuned for comfort, not sportiness. Slow steering hinders fun.

Regarding price, the cheapest Corolla Cross L trim costs $22,195 plus $1,215 in destination charges. At that price the L Trim comes equipped with 9 airbags, a full suite of active driver assist technology including full-speed dynamic cruise control, and a 7-inch touchscreen, though the higher LE and XLE trims come with an 8-inch screen.

This is the 7-inch screen and I find it extremely easy to use, I like the physical buttons for sub-menus, and I like that CarPlay and Android Auto smartphone connectivity comes standard. However, a little more flash might be nice. Like, try adding any color that’s not blue.

If it were me, I’d choose the mid-grade LE trim (FWD LE $24,545) to get its alloy wheels, blind-spot monitoring, automatic climate control, wireless phone charging, and smart key functionality.

So, in conclusion, the Corolla Cross is a nicely sized SUV that performs acceptably, is reasonably priced, is filled with helpful features and safety equipment, and wears that coveted Toyota badge.

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  1. They had an suv crossover this size about 10 years ago or less ,it's called the rav4. They've made the rav4 so much bigger from what it was as well as the highlander. All they're doing is replacing what they made larger.

  2. Why oh why do we need another SUV. Toyota has enough to wet buyer’s appetites. Why not just build a classy sedan Hybrid of course and stop this keeping up with the Jones’ nonsense.

  3. I’ve always loved Micah Muzio as a reviewer. Been watching your guys videos since about 2005. Thank you for always making the best quality content.

  4. Great Review! I love this vehicle. Best car I ever had was '92 Corolla. I'm on my 3rd Nissan now which is a 2013 Juke I just love with 77,000 miles, but it requires Premium gas and I'm a little leery of the turbo lasting forever. I was thinking on an HRV until I discovered this Toyota. Thanks for the info you mentioned about the HRV too. I don't need an upgrade car but am a huge car enthusiast who loves to be behind the wheel often as I can. Your thoughts appreciated… (L model all I need) bill

  5. No 0-60 times? I know it's slow but how slow? 9 sec? or 12 sec? Come on, give us basic details if you're going to call it a review.


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