2022 New Honda Day 50cc

2022 New Honda Giorno 50cc

Giorno is able to explore up to 80 km for a liter of gasoline. The tank capacity is 4.5 liters and once a full tank is filled, it can go as far as 360 km.
Honda has launched the updated Giorno scooter on its home turf, Japan. The 50cc scooter has received a minor tweak for 2022 and a bunch of new colour options to choose from.
The Honda Giorno is powered by a 50cc air-cooled 4-stroke motor with the output rated at 4.5 horse power and 4.1Newton meters. Thatโ€™s not a lot but going by the build, though the Giorno tips the scales at just 81 kg and its approachable 720mm seat height should make for a decent grocery-getter or daily commuter.
The 2022 version of the Honda Giorno began to be marketed with quite minimalist features, namely the presence of a 12 V USB port and an Idling Stop System. The speedometer is a combination of analog and digital versions. This motorbike with a very minimalist and very retro shape is sold in Japan at a price in the range of 209,000 yen or 1600โ‚ฌ.

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