2022 Honda Navi – Full In-Depth Walkaround

Hey everyone! I took a quick ride on our FIRST 2022 Honda Navi this afternoon. this thing is an absolutely blast! Honda really did a great jo with this little bike. 110cc engine. 30″ seat height. LOTS of storage. Easy to ride. Fun to ride. This bike can EASILY please a long list of various riders.

The Navi is available in 4 different colors:
Grasshopper Green (shown in this video)
Nut Brown
Ranger Green
Honda Red

It is powered by a 109cc, carbureted, single-cylinder engine with a CVT transmission.
0.9 Gallon Fuel Capacity
236lb. Curb Weight


33 thoughts on “2022 Honda Navi – Full In-Depth Walkaround”

  1. Been riding a Honda metropolitan for awhile now and Iā€™m getting into bikes more and more. Would you say this is a good step up or should I look for a bigger bike? Iā€™m thinking of the Honda rebel 300

  2. There are loads of Honda Navis here in Guatemala and were released a few years ago. The previous model didn't have a fuel gauge- a great add-on. I ended up going with a Yamaha Crux which has a bigger frame.

  3. Just so people know, these bikes are not $1800. You will not find one for sale in the United States for that price out the door. I had to pay here in New Hampshire almost $3000 for one. Just a heads up.

  4. You can see a lot of Navi in El Salvador, but it has some differences: both brakes are on the handle bar (it doesn't have parking brake) and it doesn't have the choke lever. The storage box and side stand are optional. I have the Serpento Nova, which is the chinese copy of the Navi. It also has some differences, the storage box, side stand are included in the Nova. It has front disc brake and alloy wheels.

  5. I picked up a greenish version also. This is the last color I would have chosen had there been a choice, but it is starting to grow on me.

  6. It's a shame it's not fuel injected, I hate carbs due to fuelling issues as they get old. Such a looker mini bike, can be mistaken as electric when not started as the storage under the tank looks like a battery pack.

  7. @Ben At Twigg Cycles, $2700 for our Navi from Shawnee Honda in Okla. I hear savings can be found by shopping the Honda dealers. Otherwise, It's been a lot of fun!

  8. Hey Ben! Just wana say Thank You for great review on the Honda NAVI.
    This particular type of Honda was discontinued in India back in 2016, hope it returns as it already has in other parts of the world.


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