2022 Honda Civic Hatchback | One of the Best

We review the new 2022 Civic Hatchback, a car with an exciting future. We discuss why this is one of the best cars of 2022 and all of the improvements. We also cover the pros and the cons and some of the technical information. This car competes with the Mazda3, Corolla, and VW Golf, which would you choose?

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00:22 Interior Impressions and Story
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34 thoughts on “2022 Honda Civic Hatchback | One of the Best”

  1. this looks like the perfect car until I heard that it’s noisy.. damn that’s a deal breaker. I hate loud wind noises inside.
    other than that I love it

  2. Honest owner review. Don’t make mistake I made.
    I got the same civic sport touring in hatchback 6 speed manual. car drives like it has no turbo. No power. Very disappointing car. Electronics are great and that’s the only plus. Even fuel economy sucks. I babied my car for the first 500 miles and never got more then 34 miles to a gallon. I have a great comparison because I traded in my 2017 civic hatchback lx 6 speed manual for this one. Big mistake. The best mileage on a highway I got was 50 miles per gallon. The old car really moved and pushed me in a seat when I floored. I was hoping to that newer car would be better in every aspect what a disappointment. And one more thing you didn’t mention engine and transmission are made in India. When I started driving my new car I thought that they forgot to put in the oil in the transmission. That how hard and not smooth the transmission was shifting. After 300 miles it loosened up but nowhere near old smoothness of older Honda transmission made in Japan. If you have 10th gen hold on to it it’s a better car.

  3. Big question I am pondering on getting this will this be a big step up in reliability compared to a VW because I have been looking at this or a smaller SUV like a Hyundai Kona

  4. I bought a 2019 MAZDA 3 AWD a few yrs ago. I absolutely love the car, I have no complaints. But if this car was available in 2019 I probably would have bought this CIVIC. The name HONDA speaks for itself. Good review! as always..

  5. The interior of this car is so far ahead of the competition. The gloss textured material looks high end, but doesn't suffer from fingerprints and scratches like the gloss black everyone else is obsessing with. This interior is going to age so much better than a lot of so-called luxury interiors with their gloss black everywhere and clunky touchscreens for climate control.

  6. I bought one and one of the most annoying things is that the rear wiper doesn't lift up more than an inch off the window.
    There seems to be some sort of a plastic bit blocking the arm from lifting up.
    It's a pain when trying to clean the snow/ice off the rear windshield.
    Does anyone have a fix for this?
    I already broke one wiper because the clip holding it in is cheap and thin as hell.

  7. getting ready to sell my Charger, insurance and fuel costs eating me up.. so been considering this car, or a Jetta maybe. leaning more toward the Civic though ☮

  8. I am going to get this on feb 8th. I am so excited, this car is amazing. Big CarPlay screen and a clean-ass interior with leather is all I need.

  9. 11:17 – Hmm, as a 41 year old who loves hatchbacks, I'm going to have to disagree. I think the 2022 Honda Civic hatchback looks miles better than the 2022 Mazda3 hatchback. But that's all subjective. As an overall package, I don't know which is better (only now starting to look around at new models that still offer manual), but out of all the newer hatchbacks the Civic definitely is one of the most appealing to me in the styling, only behind the Veloster N in terms of how much I like the looks, but for my daily usage a car like the Veloster N would be a waste.

  10. Cvt has been around for decades now can we please move on with the cvt hate? Most of these reviewers always complain about the cvt. Give you a back story of their life how everything is manual. Like we get it dude you are old and wanting to have the impression of a purist or a real car guy. But damn. I'd say majority of buyers don't care. The car drives well, the functionality is sound and reliability is top notch.

  11. Love the engineering coverage on your videos. Have a CR-V EX-L and the glaring shortcoming on this model is the lack of a memory seat on the higher levels. Should be included in the 2023 model year. Enjoy these videos so keep them coming.

  12. Just got a 22 Sport Touring Hatch this past weekend. It really is an outstanding, fun to drive vehicle with great features. The Bose sound system kicks!

  13. I am about to buy the 2022 Honda Civic Hatchback with the CVT, Many people have voiced me their concerns on the transmission. How do you think about Honda new transmission, are they gonna break down in 5 years like some people tell me?


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