2022 Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L vs. Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro: Which Should You Buy?!

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42 thoughts on “2022 Honda Africa Twin CRF1100L vs. Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro: Which Should You Buy?!”

  1. I think the Triumph is a very good looking bike; The Honda? Meh. Not for me; Blocky and quite ugly. I've owned three Triumphs, including a Tiger 800xc, and they were all excellent. I've ridden many Hondas and always been underwhelmed by them. Overated in my opinion.

  2. I'm on the fence between the two but leaning towards the AT only because of its Riding position and DCT transmission but do NOT like its over complicated NASA control center.. No doubt after I get it set to my way of Riding it I wont be playing with it much after that…………… BUT!!! I will miss not getting the Tigers fog lights Heated seats crash bars that come standard for a lesser price point……. I will say that I think the Tiger needs to replace its Break Fluid Resvoir on the Bars with a Metal version like on the AT….. Dump it and break that plastic Resivor and their goes the breaks AND the bikes paint Job…. Great Job in the review

  3. I'm sure the tiger is great if reliable, but the honda is an easy win as a dream bike for me. Maybe I'm biased living in japan.

    Great video keep it up

  4. Thanks for the great review. Just the kinds of things that cause life-changing decisions whilst buying a bike! We're unbelievably lucky to have these choices. And what makes it worse (or better), is you'd have to look at the NT1100, not to mention about a dozen other great bikes…just in case!

  5. A massive point missed by our British experts in this video is RELIABILITY- a massive requirement for a tour which may get extended beyond your home range where you might not find the service support in case of things going wrong.
    Honda just cannot be compared in the reliability department although Triumphs are also not known as troublesome machines.

  6. I love that Africa twin engine too but it feels too big heavy in comparison to the range of bikes. After testing nearly all 'mid' ADV bikes I felt that 890 adventure R was the most fun so I went with that. Great content thanks 👍

  7. I tried the AT, the Tiger RP and F850GS. Out of the three , the Tiger was the most nimble, manoeuvrable, it was fast too in Sport mode. In terms of quality finish the AT felt much more mass produced and the attention to detail was not as apparent. The finish on the Tiger is exceptional and same for the BMW. However, the F850GS felt mega bulky and super awkward especially in town, and it was a frankly irritating ride at times. I could feel each gear change in the clutch, in 2nd gear at low rpm the bike was not doing very well, I had to shift back down to 1st. 
    If I wanted a BMW I would wait for the next generation of this bike. 
    The Tiger seem to do motorway, city and off road riding very very well, the only thing I would change is the screen (for an aftermarket PUIG), the wind protection could be much better. That said the wind protection on the AT and GS was as bad…

    To wrap up, I think the Tiger offers the best all round performance, great quality and usability. The AT is also a great bike, but the finish and equipment is not as good. I would definitely avoid the GS.

  8. Very nice video, thanks. I just made that decision for myself last Spring. I chose the Africa Twin and paid $13,500 USD here in the US. Here the price differential is much greater, actually closer to $3K USD.

  9. Hello motobob, can you make comparison between ducati 1100 scrambler and triumph speed twin? Or as per your view which is better to buy. Looking forward to hear from you..

  10. Where’s the exhaust note of the Tiger? I ride a 900 GT Pro and wouldn’t trade for anything (but an R1250GS, hehe). And this after salivating over the Africa Twin since they came out.

    The Tiger 900 engine is just too much fun. And for my purposes, the road biased 17” wheel with tubeless tires on the Tiger made it perfect for me. Less than 5 months of ownership and already have 6000 miles of troublefree adventure (and grocery-shopping).

  11. Value for money the Tiger is the winner hands down, but if money isn’t a problem, AT surely is more bike thus more expensive


  13. I have just bought a ATAS DCT and traded my Triumph 1200 XE Scrambler which I loved. I have to say the ATAS is the best all round bike I've had and find the screen and buttons pretty easy to use once you have got your head around the features and having proper SatNav in AppleCar play or using Waze is great. It's easy to ride and feels nimble on the move and the DCT gearbox is just amazing. Great video again really enjoy your channel and spotting the places you ride around Bristol as I have lived here all my life.

  14. Loved the video but you both have your favourite but your still on the fence both great bike but at the end of the day it’s the individuals choice but if anyone was watching this to get an idea then they have had it 😂

  15. Good job with review of both bikes. Just have one question. I plan to upgrade my Africa 2018 for Africa 2022 Adventure sport(without ES). So what you sugest…. Africa standard model like you tested,or Adventure sport. Is it any advantage between in road/twisties? I know that the smaller is better on offroad. Thanks

  16. So close..at the end of the day, what it boils down to is just personal preference. I'd go for the AT, I just love the low rev grunt..

  17. I've always been a fan of Triumps but I own a 21 AT DCT and really like it. The dealer network in the USA is far superior for Honda.
    I was wearing a Triumph sweat shirt a year ago and some lady mistake it for Trump . I didn't wear it again. 😕

  18. I bought a Triumph 800xc in South Africa…then Triumph pulled out of South Africa, I’m left with a 50% loss of value, no maintenance backup…TRIUMPH IS A SHIT COMPANY!

  19. I'm surprised that you didn't delve deeper into the off-road capabilities of each machine, or are you saying that they are effectively equal, given that they weigh the same and have similar geometries, although the AT has more low down torque?

  20. Africa twin any day😴
    Haven't seen any bike who could be Big and very sleek,sexy,low seat height, Just perfect
    Yes bikes like tenere is there too
    But africa twin carry the strong character.

  21. Honda must have industrial bipolar disorder. They load the AT with tech, then make only one color available for each of the 2 main versions (at least here in the US). That's fine with that beautiful red-black, but the red-black base model won't work for me with it's 5 gal fuel tank and tubed tires. And I hate the (mostly) white adventure sports color. I'm not nitpicking or being shallow – I've learned never to compromise on color when buying any vehicle. The one car and one motorcycle I compromised on and bought a color I didn't like both turned out to be so problematic I should call it the "color curse."
    On the other hand, with all the weight I load on my touring bikes (I even bring my 35 lb dog with me), and my chronic annoyance with chain drives, I should be buying the new Triumph Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer anyways.
    And isn't it a lot smarter to go broke with $25,000 than to go broke with $18,000?

  22. Even if the price is the same, the usage is different, so it depends on what the owner wants from the bike.

  23. Took the Tiger 900 out last year. Odd throttle response compared to the Honda. The Triumph was either on or off and a second of delay it felt like when twisting the throttle. Awful delayed response no doubt down to emissions control.

  24. The comment about the 1000 AT not sounding as good as the 1100 is completely backwards – the 1000 sounds badass. The 1100 has the new emissions stuff on it so it tamed the exhaust note a bit, although it still sounds good. The 1000 is just a little deeper, and if you throw an Akra on it (like I have), you might get your underwear pregnant.


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