2022 C-HR Overview | Toyota

Meet the 2022 Toyota C-HR. Quick, nimble and reshaping what it means to be a compact crossover. Let’s take a closer look and see just how many big features this compact packs.Watch more 2022 Toyota Reveals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlouvwPmitA&list=PLsOvRYzJPCwX7W-nMzMRm0mDKsGfHqQBh

Learn more about the 2022 C-HR: https://www.toyota.com/c-hr/

0:00 2022 C-HR Overview
0:26 What model grades are available for C-HR?
1:08 What is the exterior design of the C-HR?
1:30 What are the C-HR’s exterior features?
1:45 What’s the interior of the new Toyota C-HR like?
2:58 How safe is the 2022 C-HR?
3:19 What other features are included in the C-HR?

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In this Toyota overview, discover the features and specs that make the 2022 C-HR a one-of-a kind crossover.

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28 thoughts on “2022 C-HR Overview | Toyota”

  1. While I like how this looks.

    There’s no point in getting this (unless you really like the looks) over the Corolla hatchback or Cross. Both of which will outclass this in many ways. The cross offers AWD.

  2. I really like the C-HR and have liked it since it released in 2016/2017! Whenever I'm back in the states and looking to buy a car this'll be my first choice!

  3. They Lay Out of the Air Conditioner can be Change like in the Corolla or Yaris.
    And the Cockpit is not full digital like i said in the corolla or Yaris

  4. I really love this one especially the blue and black color but i ended up buying a rav4 because chr is not awd here in canada.


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