2021 Toyota Supra meets the BMW M2 CS: the Mk4’s real successor | Jason Cammisa on the Icons Ep. 01

What makes a Supra, a Supra? Our veteran automotive journalist Jason Cammisa asks that very question as he pits the updated Mk5 A90 Supra against its mechanical twin, the BMW Z4 M40i as well as the Mk5’s predecessor, the A80 Mk4 Supra Turbo.

Cammisa also heads to Toyota’s CALTY Design Research Center to visit the magnificent FT-1 concept car that gave life to the Supra — where he chats with Kevin Hunter, its designer, about the challenges in grafting the FT-1’s design language onto the Z4’s hard points.

The surprise star of the video is the 2021 BMW M2 CS. On paper, it would seem to have nothing to do with the Supra, but in fact, there’s an argument to be made that it’s an even better Supra than the Supra itself.

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0:00 Introducing Supra and M2 CS
2:08 2021 Supra vs Mk4 Supra Turbo Drag Race
2:50 2021 Supra Review Part 1
3:18 Supra vs M2 CS chase
4:38 Supra vs M2 CS on paper
5:28 BMW M2 CS Review
6:53 BMW Sports Cars
7:19 BMW Z4 M40i Review
8:54 Toyota Supra and FT-1 Design History
9:49 What is a “hardpoint?”
10:45 Shrinking FT-1 onto Z4’s hardpoints
11:26 Supra horn vs Z4 horn
11:56 2021 Supra vs BMW Z4 M40i drag race
12:49 2021 Supra Review Part 2
14:06 History of Toyota Supra
15:56 The Mk4 Supra Turbo
18:12 Mk4 Sales Failure
18:50 The Hydrogen Fuel Cell trade
19:53 Conclusion
21:26 Credits

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25 thoughts on “2021 Toyota Supra meets the BMW M2 CS: the Mk4’s real successor | Jason Cammisa on the Icons Ep. 01”

  1. I dont get why they call it a legend, all cars can have 1000hp 2000hp 5000hp, what ever you want as long as you can pay for it 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Absolutely superb work. Again. Storytelling, production, sound design, the incomparable humour of Jason Camisa, all the crew, thanks for sharing what journalism should be today in all áreas of expertise, complete!

  3. This video is so well put together i got adrenaline rush hearing the engines roar. Gain a new subscriber and motivated me to mod my M235

  4. Sadly to me Toyota failed with the new Supra/BMW the concept car looks a million times better and if Toyota build it and kept it a Toyota it would have been a massive success in my opinion….


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