2021 Toyota RAV4 review | Australia

In this video Amelia reviews the 2021 Toyota RAV4 GX 2WD. Jenny already reviewed the 2.5 L hybrid RAV4 in its top trim called Cruise and it is quite possibly the best hybrid in its class and price range.

We are rarely happy when we get entry level models, but its a good chance to see if all the praise for the RAV4 is built on that awesome powertrain. The Rav4 GX has the lowest level of equipment, FWD, with the least powerful engine option and no electric help and it has a CVT.

There are three powertrain options available to the latest Rav 4. These include the lovely 2.5 L Hybrid variant with up to 163 kW. There is also a 2.5 L petrol only with 152 kW and 243 Nm of torque that is paired with an 8-speed automatic and then there is this 2 L petrol with 127 kW and 203 Nm of torque.

Drive away pricing for this GX 2 litre petrol with cvt and 2wd will cost just under 40k. If you want the same trim just with a hybrid engine then it’s not that much more expensive at just under 42k. The AWD cruiser with a hybrid will cost you over 51k.

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32 thoughts on “2021 Toyota RAV4 review | Australia”

  1. CVT transmission is boring and useless, get a manual and feel the acceleration

  2. Toyota needs to go all electric BEV. Petrol and diesel are old polluting technology.
    They are falling behind in the race to an all electric future. PHEVs are old technology.

  3. Probably the biggest advantage of the non-hybrid is that it has a full size spare tyre. For any family SUV, one big reason for getting it is to accommodate going on holidays. Space saver tyres are not what anyone wants especially if you are more than 100km from home.

  4. here in the Netherlands see had nice weather rain sun shine come again
    what ever opinion you have can go wrong with a rav 4
    car review your own brand holden even its chevy.camaro and corvette
    if it is the corvette take suzan in the corvette or camaro

  5. Nice to see a base model review for comparison to the top end model. If possible, please review Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross, especially the LS with AWD vs the base ES model in terms of drive experience. Any future review in the compact SUV range would be good (e.g. incoming Corolla Cross or the Haval Jolion).

  6. The RAV4 petrol engine is so loud under acceleration. The Hyundai Tucson with the new 1.6L Turbo hybrid drivetrain with a 6 speed auto seems to be a much more refined drivetrain for the money.

  7. Thanks for the review. Please review the Alfa Romeo range of vehicles such as the Stelvio, Giulia and new Giulietta.

  8. Mazda = Headache

    Check the ACCC vs Mazda, you will get more real cases.

    The ACCC has instituted proceedings in the Federal Court against Mazda Australia Pty Ltd (Mazda) alleging that Mazda engaged in unconscionable conduct and made false or misleading representations in its dealings with consumers

    Mazda has bad engines!!! bad service!!!

    I got a brand new cx-9 5 months ago in Brisbane, it has been towed back to dealership twice due to engine issues. and mazda never told you any detail about your car's issue. Never trust Mazda.

  9. Hybrid resale isn't great, used car buyers currently prefer petrol variants. Hybrid systems are more complex so ongoing servicing costs outside warranty are higher.

    2.5L engine with the hybrid has greater oil capacity, battery replacement can write off the vehicle in 10yrs, Australia has no effective large scale battery recycling facilities. Whether the hybrid is more environmentally friendly would require an in-depth analysis.

    "Smart entry" is a potential security issue, and doesn't control when children are opening doors whereas keyless/fob entry does. Also can't be hacked by relay systems by thieves, etc.

    The time taken to recoup a $2k difference in price for the hybrid would likely take years. Assuming 2L per 100km difference and $1.50/L fuel cost, it would take over 80,000km to cut even. Assuming an average of 15,000km per year, thats over 5 years of ownership (which is often outside the ownership period of a new vehicle purchaser, and is outside the period of the standard warranty)

    Electric push button electric tailgates can be extremely annoying, I'd rather a manual one with struts. Struts are cheap and simple to repair unlike electric systems.

    The orange interior accents on the Edge model are ugly.

    The GX petrol has space for a full size spare wheel.

    The GX petrol is considerably lighter.

    Toyota really pushes the Hybrids in their sales materials as they have quotas to meet. Automotive journalists are usually more interested in appeasing the marketing departments than their viewership.

  10. it was good to make up your mind that camry hybrid 2021 is a better option. why there white women sell their body to promote their things. shit what was the need to show old legs one on top of the other in the end. some legs are not to show they are meant to hide. too much flashy.


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