2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro vs The V8 4Runner We JUST Bought // OFF ROAD TEST

Thomas and James do some Off-Roading in the new $65,000 CAD 2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro, AND a 2007 V8 4Runner that the boys JUST bought for $6,700 CAD, as a do-all hauling vehicle for Throttle House. Is it worth it to buy a brand new 4Runner? How does the old one stack up? Let’s find out…

Huge thanks to Kevin, Jesse and Paul for helping us not die on this trail!

Thanks to Goodyear for supplying the Winter Command tires for the 4 Runner, and thanks to Burning Rubber Tire and Speed for hooking us up with some RTX wheels! Check them out here for performance builds and setups https://www.burningrubber.ca/



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39 thoughts on “2020 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro vs The V8 4Runner We JUST Bought // OFF ROAD TEST”

  1. Happy New Year everyone! We hope you enjoyed the video!
    And for those of you who caught our mistake, good work! I quoted gross vehicle weight for the TRD Pro not curb weight. I'm going to blame James, only because he's the one that looked that number up, and currently he's on vacation so he can't defend himself. Speaking of which, check out a photo on the @thethrottlehouse instagram of James with his first car. He wasn't around to stop me from posting it… Cheers!

  2. Love my 2004 4Runner V8, bought when new and 4Runners were affordable. It has 166,000 miles (~267,000 km). Though I don't off-road as much as I did in my younger days, this vehicle is fully capable. Both off-road and on-road, as well as towing (up to 7000 lbs) campers and a boat (not at the same time😎). Mine is an SR5, so it doesn't have all the fancy stuff of the Limited, but it has suited me perfectly. I love it!

  3. No way I’d spend 65000 on a 4Runner. Your best bet is to buy used. I bought an 06 for 9800 with 240000 miles on it, with no rust. Only thing I’ve replaced was the console lighting for $35 and the original radio off eBay for $44. When it’s time to get a new engine and transmission that’ll cost close to 8000. New paint $5000. So all in all I’ll have invested $23,000 and basically have a brand new 4Runner. And that’ll cost one third of a new one

  4. So happy I bought my 94 Trooper LS, manual, 135k miles, no rust; 5 years ago for $650. I've paid more in registration fees in the 5 years of ownership than in replacement parts and service.

  5. Just got a 2003 V8 Sport Ed. with 220k for 6k no rust and surprisingly (knock) everything works. Yeah the torque is addictive and it just feels like a smooth tank going down the road – now I "get it"

  6. I've been a Toyota fan for years. I have a mk2 mr2 that I purchased in 2000… and had a '94 Toyota pickup that I gave to my mom.. but now that I'm a single dad with small kids, I'm definitely leaning towards the 4th Gen w/the v8! AND that 3rd row!

  7. From the perspective of a Toyota owner (2009 Rav4 V6 Sport), who also works for Toyota, bar none I'd take the 2007 V8.
    I'd never own or suggest anyone buy a newer 4Runner or Tacoma.
    Giggly ride gives me a headache just looking at them..
    Olskool Toyota for the win.
    Newer doesn't mean better.

  8. This video was the main reason I looked into buying a 4RUNNER. I'm a frugal guy and like things that are high-quality, have a community of devotees to ask for advice, and can be fully overhauled a number of times before it physically erodes to nothingness.

  9. Idiot's. Keep your thumbs outside the steering wheel or you will loose them if you truly took these Toyota's off road. But you are correct that Toyota's are great off road. I'm on my 4th Hilux/Tacoma over 25 years

  10. Wait till you see what a 2nd gen tahoe can do, or any GM equivalent… can be had from $2K to $12K… from burbs to lades to escalade ext's to avalanches to pickemups to tahoes to yukons and more… all sorts of generations to choose from, all just as capable bone stock (w/z71 and g80s, etc) as these, or more so… It NEVER takes derp money to have fun, or to do it with amenities… as those trucks all have just as much as these in that department, or more, as well. Oh, and are actually quite a bit MORE reliable, despite popular belief. Once the LSX hit, it was "every truck gets 250-300K on the clock with ease, don't even take care of it and still get there" … While everything still works inside… driver memory, heated memory pwr mirros (all of em), auto mirror dimming, heated (and cooled on platinum models) seats, nav, dvd, digital multizone hvac, 12 way pwr seats, pwr pedals, and so much more. All for the price of a used trailer in some cases, lol.. Of course when pristine and high end model line, it'll hold value to an extent as well… but you can get any feature you want in just about any level of those trucks, and find a used, cheap pricepoint that works.

  11. What’s insane to me is that a current lease for a 4Runner at $52k is $880 a month with 12k miles. While an x3 lease at $56k is $660 a month with 15k miles. How? And the x3 is 4 wheel drive.


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