1975 Honda CT90 Rebuild, ASMR Special | The Shop Manual

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After an epic and punishing journey up the length of Alaska to the northernmost point in the United States, the 1975 CT90 is back at the TSM Resort & Spa for some much needed attention. Tag along and relax as we give the little Honda a full overhaul in this ASMR edition of The Shop Manual.

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Stockton T-Handle Sockets: https://rvz.la/3DRXQu2
Motion Pro Crankcase Separator: https://rvz.la/3nT5UoH
Other handy tools: https://rvz.la/3reA73M
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36 thoughts on “1975 Honda CT90 Rebuild, ASMR Special | The Shop Manual”

  1. This video was more satisfying than I could have imagined. For one, I forgot what its like to work in a quiet environment without talking, music or background noise. The satisfaction comes in when you have the skills to tear a bike to the bones knowing what you're doing and to be able to put it back together with the proper tools. My hats off to you Ari.

  2. Can’t even explain how much I enjoyed this! Thanks. I’m 62 years old. In the 70’s, we had a few Honda’s, mini trail, scrambler, cub, mates had the 90. An SL70.
    A 60cc mini enduro Yamaha.
    Used to make our dads crazy taking them apart, always wrenching.
    Good times😜

  3. great video,well put together,great shots…i love the fact that there's no music so you can hear everything.very satisfying to watch.much appreciated!

  4. This was interesting to watch. It is a curious thing how a vehicle can take on a certain personality and character, even though it is a machine. I had a 1973 Honda SL 125 that I wished I still owned. I had 13000 miles of good and bad times with it. It's good to see this old bike was not only refreshed, but got a bath too. The only rating this deserves is thumbs up.

  5. What a great video. I love the fact that after this rebuild the CT90 will have a much longer life. Great mechanical skills.

  6. 9:35 some of the tools people design are insane. I know this one is pretty simple in design, but I think that is why it is so impressive. It is so complex to perform such a simple task.

  7. This was hands down my favorite revzilla video ever. The alaska trip combined with this beautiful rebuild afterwards was amazing to enjoy.

  8. Just saw the alaska video. That CT90 did a really good job and the only problem was a bad plug wire the entire time. When Ari did the side by side comparison of the old piston vs the new, it was very very apparent this bike had a very harsh 47 years. Im surprised the motor even ran decent enough to survive WOT for 1000 miles with how much damage the piston had

  9. I have a '68 trail 90 that's been sitting for… longer than it should have been. This will come in handy when I get 'round to her. Thank you!!

  10. A bike mechanic told a surgeon that he thought he should get paid the same amount of money as he does because he fixes things and has to have specialized knowledge and such.
    The doctor, the surgeon responded to the mechanic, "well that's fine but try working on the motor while it's running". 😛
    Excellent videos fellas.
    A trip of a lifetime through the frontier of Alaska.
    and no bears!


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