1964 Toyota Stout Sold at American Motors Custom and Classics

American Motors Custom and Classics present a 1964 Toyota Stout 1900 in teal blue, with the odometer reading 96,364 miles. The truck looks great and sounds great to match. The paint has some minor imperfections here and there and the bed has some dents. It is equipped with nice Firestone tires that do not appear to have any dry rot and lots of tread left. The rims match the paint beautifully as well as the interior. The colors inside and out go together well. Under the hood the engine fires up quickly without struggle and runs without concern. Shifting through the gears is easy and the truck handles great overall. The lights, turn signals, brakes, and horn work as well. Inside the cab there is some rust; it appears to be surface rust without major damage. Overall this truck looks and runs great. If you have any questions please give us a call at 408-610-1000. You can view the pictures on our website at http://www.americanmotorscustomclassics.com/inventory/Used-1964-Toyota-Stout-RK4117735/


12 thoughts on “1964 Toyota Stout Sold at American Motors Custom and Classics”

  1. Bought one from my uncle in the 80s. Drove it for over 10 years past the 500,000 mile mark. Ran like a clock until my little brother, a high school senior went on a parts run into town with it and wrecked it. Really fun to park with the nose to a wall and ask a friend to run grab my truck. No one ever got that it wasn't a 3 on the tree, but actually a 4 on the tree. They could never find reverse.


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