Case studies

Automatic curtain walls documentation

We have created a tool that can vastly speed up curtain wall scheduling. For selected walls corresponding plan and section views are created and named. Then they are placed on a sheet in aligned pairs. Drawings get basic dimension lines, if doors are present they are tagged. View templates are applied to define scale and display options.

Further functionalities are possible – such as panel tags, drawing tables etc.

Mirrored doors correction

A script was created to tackle numerous mirrored doors in the model. Such doors would display swing direction incorrectly and cause wrong scheduling. The script finds every door that has been mirrored and mirrors it back. Next appropriate swing direction parameter (left/right) is set correctly. The above is also possible for windows.

Generating apartment schedules

In a large scale housing project we have automated process of creating schedules describing structure and areas of individual apartments. Using data found in room elements the script generated a few hundred separate schedules, named them and formatted appearance. It has saved long hours of manual duplication and filter setting.

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